Purchasing and searching IT equipment can be very challenging and time-consuming, specially, if you don’t have any expertise in your in-house office environment. However, with our IT procurement services, you get a peace of mind, and can guarantee that you’re going buying software and hardware that will work for your business.

We offer hardware, software and licensing procurement services, which helps you to enable and get the right products more effectively and much faster. While, we deal with the largest and top technology distributors in Australia, receiving countless products and services.

NSW IT Support have direct access to major technology companies and work with them to ensure that the solutions they develop meets our customer’s needs.

Our Procurement services List

IT Hardware Procurement

IT Software Procurement

Technology and services procured of the highest quality

Information technology procurement goes far beyond finding the lowest cost. A supplier committed to your long-term success has strong vendor relationships and balances price, and quality would be helpful. Here’s where we come in. 

We have business relationships with world-renowned hardware and software manufacturers and are fully accredited with major technology companies. From consultation to delivery, we can take care of your entire procurement process. As well as ongoing IT support, we will assist with configuration and installation. 

Our expert IT consultants’ expertise is to develop solutions for businesses with an understanding of organisational dynamics. They have practical knowledge of existing products and emerging technologies. Logic and effective IT solutions are at the heart of what we do at NSW IT Support. 

  • IT & communications experts: Under one roof, we offer IT solutions, broadband, telephony, and mobility – so there’s no risk of hidden problems between suppliers. 
  • Scaling up economies: As a result of the scale of our business and our strong vendor relationships, we can source hardware and software promptly, using our expert knowledge to resolve any issues efficiently.
  • Transparency in pricing: The IT hardware and software we procure come at zero margins, and we are happy to demonstrate that to you by showing you our cost prices. In addition, we pass along any additional vendor discounts we receive. 
  • In house configuration serviceTest and pre-configure equipment for you, which can decrease time on-site and streamline the entire process for you; as a result, we can add value to the process. 
  • Knowledge of licensing: Utilise our experience and knowledge that comes from working with various customers to become compliant and make the most out of your software.

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IT procurement with NSW IT

  • Computer hardware: Our product line includes PCs, Macs, laptops, notebooks, iPads, and monitors, as well as servers and backup/storage solutions. 
  • Wireless: Switches, routers, leased lines, cloud, wireless every networking products are delivered. 
  • Telecommunications – telephone systems, VoIP handsets, smart phones, and mobile devices. 
  • Additional hardware – Computer external components such as printers, keyboards, mice, scanners, etc. 
  • Software- Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and other productivity suites. 
  • Other software – We provide anti-virus, anti-spam, and data backup and business continuity solutions 

Eliminating the challenges of procurement

It is always a waste of money to buy technology that cannot help you reach your goals, no matter how much you save. Teaming up with the right IT procurement partner is crucial to achieving success. 

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Would you like hardware and software that is fast, affordable, and reliable? 

 IT procurement services in NSW assist with product recommendations, specification accuracy, ordering, installation, and returns. Our customers do not need to keep track of multiple vendors and supply chains when they use procurement. By centralising information technology, you can take advantage of quality service, customized account management, and cost savings.