How to Record your Desktop Screen using YouTube Channel

Screen casting is the process of recording your screen, there are dozens of screen recording software programs that you can use, and follow simple steps to record screen. Simply, by opening and pressing recording button, you can make videos and can upload to your YouTube channel, but have you ever imagined that YouTube can do this for you without using any third-party software. Only, required components are the internet, a web browser and YouTube account. By following simple steps, you will able to record your desktop screen using YouTube Channel.

8 Easy Steps – Record your Desktop Screen using YouTube Channel

In the very first step, you need a Google account to sign in to your YouTube account.
STEP – 2
In the upper left Conner, you will see the upload button as shown in the image below. Click upload button.
record your screen - youtube step 1
STEP – 3
You will see “LIVE STREAMING” option on the right-hand side of your screen. Click on get started button.
record your screen - youtube step 2
STEP – 4
Now click on the events button under the live streaming option from the left side of your screen. If you are doing this for the very first time, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Follow the steps to verify your phone number and enable streaming.
record your screen - youtube step 3   record your screen - youtube step 4
STEP – 5
You need enter a title, description, and tags to create an event. Set the privacy option to private or unlisted and click on “Go live now” button as shown in the image below.
record your screen - youtube step 5
STEP – 6
You will see a pop up box asking a permission before entering a “Google Hangout On Air”, just click ok and you will see a Hangouts messenger of google will open in a new windows browser. Please, do not turn off your webcam recording.
record your screen - youtube step 6
STEP – 7
Now you will see the screen recording from your webcam, click the screen share located, you can find it at the left tool box as shown in the image below.
record your screen - youtube step 7
STEP – 8
Now you can start recording the screen by simply clicking the start screen share, share your screen and click start broadcast, start recording the screen. You can click to stop button, when you are done. The whole process will record in a private session, so only you can watch your broadcast.

Final Thoughts

With these easy eight steps, you can record your desktop screen using YouTube Channel. You can access your recorded videos from your YouTube account’s dashboard. The videos are being recorded at high quality (720p HD). You can download the video or can share with your friends, families or client’s.

5 thoughts on “How to Record your Desktop Screen using YouTube Channel”

  1. I don’t know YouTube can record computer screen, In my mind, it’s just a website for videos, thanks for sharing the experience. I used to make screencast with Acethinker online screen recorder, works quite well. It is a web-based tool that lets you record your screen right from your browser. It doesn’t require you to install any additional plug-ins or add-ons. Share it here as an alternative to YouTube.

  2. Thank you so much. I was going nuts. I’ve had my Laptop for a few years now and never had a need to use the camera until now so I didn’t bother with it. You saved me a headache. Thanks again.

  3. How come my c920 webcam is worse than yours? Mines much more blurry (check one of my videos like the “Stephen saves Christmas” or reacting to “reacting to Dave’s flaveo”) is it possible that’s it’s because of my completed/laptop.

  4. Thank you for doing them all in sync, really helps those, like myself, to get a grasp as to what they think is best for them (others just want to discuss it and not show the quality itself). The tests were a nice addition and, though I wont use them for mics, thank you for putting that in too.

  5. I just downloaded the microsoft camera app but it lumps all my photos and videos together so if I record a video and want to upload it to Youtube I don’t know which ones are pictures or videos, how do you separate the photos from videos on the microsoft camera app. I still have my logitech software but the vid servers are down and I don’t know when they will be back up. Oh I just found out that I can no longer use the logitech software for the C922 pro stream camera, must use the microsoft camera app.

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