Revolutionary changes in technologies have pondered in waves – it diligently brought us to the mainframes, client-server, and cloud. From cumulative experiences, by 2021, the cloud is exciting in a form that enables our customers and us to connect with the business in an entirely new way. The Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), specifically the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market, has evolved considerably since its inception in 1990. It commenced as a niche offering for every startup that wholly recognised the benefits of cloud computing. Since then, it gained a strong adoption around the globe.  

Though the cloud worked as a pioneer, it has witnessed a significant disruption across the industries urging the cloud inventor to work out on its back up, restore and protect with Datto SaaS protection.  

But before moving on to the Datto SaaS protection, let’s also figure out how Google and Microsoft have pushed the consumers to the cloud despite their unwillingness, followed by Microsoft 365 backup. 


How has Google & Microsoft indirectly pushed your business to SaaS?

With the passing years, Microsoft moved away from its old, designed PC and operating systems. Back in July 1981, it started with buying Quick and Dirty DOS. Then it marched away from its old model of PC and operating systems, bought Seattle Computing Products’ 86-DOS, aka Quick and Dirty DOS, renaming it as MS-DOS 1.10, and then towards Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). 

SaaS solutions on Microsoft and Google cloud marketplace are a solid software solution that prominently operates your infrastructure, regardless of your location. The basic SaaS solution integrates with the Google & Microsoft marketplace to: 

  • Receive a notification when any of your user’s sign-ups.  
  • Integrate with Cloud Pub/Sub to obtain notification from the marketplace. 
  • Integrate with the partner procurement API to create new user accounts. You use the partner procurement API to update the statements whenever there are update, change, or cancellation of the subscription plan. 
  • Integrate with Google or Microsoft service control to report usage information. 


Datto SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 backup

What is Datto SaaS protection? A robust concept and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions for the SaaS applications, including G-suite and Office 365. A common misconception is printed on the users’ mindset that “backup” is unnecessary for their business data because it is stored in the cloud.  

Well, that’s incorrect! SaaS applications are just as vulnerable to data loss as on the premise apps. It understands, the primary cause of data loss is the ultimate cause of the human error. People remove important docs, open phishing emails, and accidentally download malware. SaaS vendors cannot differentiate the users’ actions, which is where Datto SaaS’s action enters.  

Datto SaaS protection ensures that you can fully access, control and most importantly, protect the data that you entrusts in the cloud. SaaS Protection for Office 365 is a leading cloud to cloud backup product offering a single standpoint back up, restoring and exporting solution covering the Exchange Online and One Drive.  

As a small business moves exponentially to cloud-based applications, many IT teams think traditional backups are unnecessary. After all, SaaS application is always accessible, available and highly redundant, so why is BACK UP needed? 


Why Microsoft 365 backup is insufficient for data protection?

Microsoft 365 includes primitive restore capabilities for data loss, with two significant issues when using data loss and time loss tools. Few instances which the tech giant has marked upon are, 

  • Inactive license causing data loss: An active Microsoft 365 license is required to access office 365. Unfortunately, deprovisioned user data is permanently deleted with no rollback option.  
  • Permanent deletion causing data loss: When a share point online administrator deletes site collection, the data are placed in the Recycle bin for about 93 days.  
  • Restoring files on data loss: When restoring files from the backup, the restore is targeted on the same URL. That means the restore overwrites on the current site collection with no rollback option.  
  • Loss of time in restoring files: Connecting with Microsoft support service for assistance can be highly time-consuming with no guarantee of converting files. 


Datto SaaS Protection for efficient data loss management.

Exclude the uncertainty and understand that your Office 365 data is backed up by the most complete and comprehensive solutions today. Spend more time on your business to reduce the risk of,

  • 3x day backups: SaaS protection quickly backs up oneDrive and onenote. 
  • Just in time backups: It takes daily snapshots of user data, allowing the authorised person to navigate the user’s account. Avoid data loss for ransomware by restoring the accounts before the occurrence of the attack.  
  • Back up notifications: Get your notifications right on your dashboard, with all the backed-up information. 
  • Unlimited retention: Get unlimited storage in Datto’s cloud with any additional fees.  
  • 24/7 Support: The technical team of SaaS is always on stand-by through chat or phone support.   


Rest easy every day with your regular data backups on auto-pilot mode

Quickly eliminate the downtime with a single click restoration. Identify and restore the critical files and folders without overwriting the files. Datto SaaS restoration provides effortless replacement which are: 

  • Efficient and painless restoration: A streamlined architecture of the Datto system means that the data can be export and restored overtimes.  
  • Non-destructive restoration: Restore data and files on the same URL.  
  • Item level restoration: Get data in the original format, in a properly labelled structure. 
  • Advanced research capabilities: Easily get the advanced restore option and find your file quickly. 


SAAS vendor does not protect User data, selecting the right ONE!

SaaS application intends to provide limited protection against every accidental loss, and sometimes even less protection against the end-users activity. Most of the SaaS vendor operates are under a shared responsibility model, and the providers can only claim responsibility for areas they have complete control of. Google and Microsoft must have substantial authority on the applications and servers from the disastrous scenarios, but still, they hold no liability for the data loss.  

Data protection legislation demands a different approach to vendor management. Vendor management must qualify as a lifecycle, as data protection needs to be integrated into every business processing activities and practices. The concept of data protection by design must embed into the vendor management lifecycle. 

Business must take data protection into account on the early procurement process by performing due diligence. It must create screening questions for the potential vendors to access the competence in support of compliance with data protection legislation. Include the checklist data protection by design and default adherence to the risk exposure. Make the employees aware of the data protection aspects in the procurement process.  

In addition to the screening questions, the vendors must demonstrate the competencies by providing certificates and audit reports.  


Summary – what to remember:

  • Involve data protection in SaaS procurement. 
  • Focus on the three hurdles in DPA (data protection impact assessment)  
  • Perform audits to examine the continued compliance with data protection requirements.  
  • Upon contract, the termination requests proof of deletion.  


Remember, Microsoft is no liable for any data loss. Specifically, on their terms of use, Google and Microsoft state that one in three businesses on average experience data loss in cloud storage. And how certain are you? How confident are you with your data storage & recovery? 

Before hitting on to the vendor, acknowledge that the Australian Government requires specific industries to keep data storage for the next seven years, even if the cases are closed. So, reduce the risk and penalty your business might result from data loss by moving to Datto SaaS protection today. Don’t hesitate, straightly contact us to safeguard your crucial business data!