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SEO beginners guide: Search for competitors keyword for further content ideation!

Every professional landscape has competitors. But how can you out wit them? How can you protect yourself from being totally crushed?  How can you out rank them? How can you sustain your business for long-term?
There is a never-ending question, which is sure to pile on, even after re-addressing it. But as a Sydney based Digital Marketing expert how to meet client’s expectations depends on you. The process is all about ensuring and covering right subjects, in your content to generate best results for business.
In an instant vid, we are discussing about finding out competitors keywords for content ideation. The process entirely revolves around helping you find key terms, that your competitors are ranked for and most searched for.
Once we grip the list of most useful and searched key terms, we identify and evaluate best opportunities while creating content. The most sought key indicators are;

  • Most searched keywords sought by your targeted market.
  • Trends of every searched keywords (up & down).
  • Keywords difficulty
  • Comparison of keywords difficulty and keyword opportunities.
  • Rank chart of you and your competitors.

For the aforesaid indicators, we are going to look at three methods, which is the important part of Keyword Research and SEO.

SEO Monitor

SEO monitoring (Search Engine Optimization) involves process of optimizing the visibility of websites in different search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google, resulting more of organic search. SEO monitor use more of Competitor Insights (CI) to deliver high end results.
Where do you find CI? You will find at the top of your page. It presents you with opportunities of keywords, that your competitors are targeting for along with the number of search volumes, targeted links as per Google variations.
Further, it also consists of linked terms where comparative analysis can be made with your competitors.  This surely presents you with increasing or decreasing traffic trends.
What you are looking for is sharper trend filled with more opportunities.  Don’t forget, even other SEO’s have access to this information, so even though you have opportunity it might be a tough one.

Word Stream

This helps you to find out competitors keyword. It’s a DIY version. It provides you simple keywords with search volume. For an effective outcome create a spreadsheet with individual keyword columns, competitors and search traffics.
Use word stream and fill in the spreadsheet. Note down your competitors in relevant column and use it while writing content for your clients.


Search for exact keywords that your competitors are ranked in organic search along with the flowed in traffic. To find out exact keywords use the top page report, for they use Content Gap Analysis.
You can discover plenty of keywords to rank for analyzing their ranking hardship with traffic potential. Its an impressive keyword searching tool.
It has thousands of keywords suggestion supported by every database with accurate search volume. It also calculates current top-ranking page, with estimated number of clicks for your keywords. While the advanced metrics, shows return rate, clicks per search, percentage of clicks and percentage of paid clicks.
Full fledged SERP overview & position history are an added benefit. One can also create favorite keywords list for future reference in your search tool, so that you can again visit anytime you want. Generate thousands of keyword idea with accurate number of Search volume.
Years of experience in Digital Marketing has allowed our SEO team to produce more innovative ideas to rank our customers business in Google up front. We don’t stick to same mechanism. As per our client’s business our strategic module varies. Our key concern lies in changing the rank of our customer’s business ranking.
NSW IT SUPPORT is a one stop, SEO Service Provider in New South Wales, Australia. From web designing to social media marketing we do it all. From paid campaign to organic inflow, we take care of everything. We make sure every of our clients get to reap services under a single roof rather than hopping to different service provider. Advantage of doing so, is that you don’t need to keep track of report from different service provider, as one report is sufficient enough to make you understand the status of your organization.
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