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Which eCommerce Platform is Rigth For Your Business: Shopify, WordPress, or Squarespace

Entrepreneurs may want to find ways to engage clients. The pandemic has thrown you off course. If you work a part-time job online, you could quit your 9-5 job and earn a living online.

In an era of COVID, when small companies disappear like flies, few organizations successfully adapted to eCommerce have flourished.

There is no reason you cannot do it, either. You do not have to trash everything you have built over the years. Start over.

Before you decide on a platform, ask yourself how to choose one. What is the best eCommerce platform? Squarespace or Shopify? Are WordPress and Shopify compatible?

Expert research & analysis have been compared between Squarespace and Shopify website builders and WordPress website builders.

Today’s three most popular shopping cart platforms available to small businesses are Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace. Where do you begin when choosing between Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify?

A quantitative evaluation can only be made after each platform has been evaluated qualitatively. When you compare various media features and price points, you will determine which platform best suits your business’s digital needs.

How do WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify compare? Get the cost details, with the much need essential factor.


With its latest offerings, Squarespace has stepped up its game. Their templates have a clean, modern vibe and are known to be beautiful. They branched out a creative portfolio website builder and recently added eCommerce capabilities.


  • It costs starts for $35 /month for their business plan, which charges a 3% transaction fee.
  • A base Commerce plan starts for $40/month allows you to create accounts for your customers, will enable them to check out with your domain, and offer powerful merchandising tools, including Instagram tagging. 

Rewards of taking Squarespace for the eCommerce platform

  • You can try the features for 14 days (about 2 weeks) before subscribing to the service 
  • It is a simple yet powerful package with domain registration, hosting, and eCommerce features 
  • A great starter template that is simple and minimalist 
  • A design that is always uptrend and attractive 
  • An easy drag and drop website builder allow for easy editing
  • PCI compliance and security with a built-in feature 
  • Checkout and shopping cart integration 
  • Integration with industry-standard payment gateways, including PayPal 
  • Integration of Gmail, for a nominal charge 
  • Support 24/7 


Compared to other content management platforms, WordPress is the most popular and widely used due to its versatility and endless extensions.

Most people ask, “Why WordPress?”.

So here is the possible searched answer, why WordPress!

Web development is dominated by WordPress, as it powers over 75 million websites. Our clients can set up their website, upload an existing WordPress website or have our talented team do the work with a free theme or paid theme as the WordPress Solution!

60% of websites use WordPress in terms of CMS-based websites. Since its conception in 2003, WordPress has grown its reputation and has become one of the most popular tools for managing websites.

Some individuals may find WordPress challenging to get their heads around if they do not have the time or interest to learn a few lines of code.


  • You may download and use WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin free of charge as their open-source. 
  • Domain registration costs a minor amount, while you might have to pay for the website hosting.  

Rewards of taking WordPress for the eCommerce platform

  • The prices are usually lower than those of all-in-one services. You must, however, pay for the added plugins.  
  • There are a lot of WordPress themes that come with a website builder, for example, Elementor. 
  • The framework is super SEO friendly. 
  • Any beginners can directly administer the dashboard. 

Security flaws exist in conventional WordPress installations because the design makes it a more appealing target for hackers. However, we have implemented Cloudflare to offer a robust and secure Managed WordPress Solution, ensuring that every client’s website is well protected.‍


Those who rely heavily on conversions, like e-commerce companies and businesses, often choose Shopify. Since it has a more focused audience and niche, it has an edge where other platforms fail – it excels where other platforms fail to work on.

Platforms like this one excel at getting inside the head of e-commerce-oriented individuals in so many ways that it goes beyond comprehension.

Using their drop-ship program and options, they also provide convenient ways for other shops to capitalize on sales.

The ability to add products from other companies to their shop while receiving a commission without dealing with shipping and handling will appeal to many users.


  • Starting at AUD 35/mo, the Basic Shopify plan provides all the tools you need to create your store. 
  • Get advanced reporting and 
  • lower credit card rates by upgrading your plan. 

Rewards of taking Shopify for the eCommerce platform

  • The whole 14-days trial period is free. 
  • You can get domain hosting for eCommerce.
  • One can easily use the inventory and product uploading platform. 
  • A complete easy-going template for any user. 
  • Point of sales available for the retailers.  
  • Instance consumer support  

The 14-day trial has been criticized as not ideal, and when it is over, you are forced to upgrade immediately and locked out.

Shopify offers monthly plans (especially for e-commerce businesses). Still, if you are honest with yourself, they might seem aware of how superior their products are in many ways, so they are not leading the competition with competitive prices as they could.

We have given out the pricing, features, and generic feedback about the three most searched platforms. In this segment, we shall talk about how you should choose the website framework for your business.

#1. Think! What would you like to make your website appear like? The design

Websites that sell must have a pleasing aesthetic; there is no way around it. It is not enough to think about the platform you want to build your website on — you must think about the appearance you want your future fantastic website to have.

How do you want the contact form to appear? Do you want it to appear immediately after readers read an article or browse through certain landing pages?

You will want to consider the critical elements of web design, such as call-to-action blocks, menus, landing pages, testimonials, and product or service pages. You might want to picture a perfect client journey on your new website based on the ideal client you have in mind.

#2. Plan about website architecture; think properly!

Imagine your new website once more from the perspective of a client. How would they perceive it? Are they likely to decide to buy it? In what scenarios would you consider remarketing to them if they did not purchase your products or services or did not sign up for your email list? Creating a client journey checklist for your new website is a fantastic start to ensuring a perfect customer experience.

Developers and designers are not required to do this, but you still can take assistance from professional website developers as they are professionals and can easily accomplish the task.

#3. Scrolling to find an informative website template for your business

Squarespace, for example, offers a free template library. There is, however, a problem in customizing then; custom templates are typically more sophisticated and versatile. We recommend that you note what you did as part of the quick exercises discussed above, review your content, and look at the design ideas you like.

Which one should you go for, Squarespace, Shopify, or WordPress? Time to re-think your decision

A high value for money ratio clearly distinguishes Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress from its competitors. Compared to Shopify & WordPress, Squarespace fares are better regarding pricing compared to the quality of the service & primary features. But there are free themes in WordPress which can be used easily by the startup.

However, Squarespace offers a more fabulous selection of templates than Shopify & WordPress. Regarding Squarespace’s SEO tools – one of the essential features – it has achieved better rankings than Shopify & WordPress in this area. But still, you can check on WordPress; before Squarespace, WordPress was in use, assisting the SEO and multiple other plugins.

If you have a particular idea, decide between Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, and something else. Before anything else, you should even do this before producing any other belief! Make a list of examples of websites you like, create a piece of content, and then purchase a premium website template.

Have a question or need advice? Please contact us or tell us what you are going through; a quick call, we are there to assist you.