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Brands share their best content on social media to meet their marketing objectives. They have their social media managers manage multiple social media; they make maximum use of influencer marketing, and ultimately excel in the performance of their social media. But now, in 2023, you have to take steps to expand your social network and make the best presentation.

To make your social media-related dreams come true and enjoy the best times in your social media handling, you will need some social media marketing tools that support your marketing goals. In this blog, we will discuss social media management tools that can help to seamlessly improve the performance of your social media marketing endeavors. 


What happens when Social Media Managers do not use Social Media Marketing Tools?

  • They might be creating posts that get great engagement but don’t convert the audience into customers. 
  • Discussing the content calendars with clients can be confusing and messy. 
  • Social media posts get ignored or become redundant. 
  • Time management can become an issue as managing multiple social media accounts for various clients can take a lot of time and effort.  
  • Getting ideas for unique content creation. 
  • Unable to track KPIs accurately and yield ROI. 


What Are Social Media Marketing Tools?

Social media marketing tools are user-friendly marketing tools crafted to accelerate your social media marketing efforts and improve in response to changes and trends in social media.  

These social media tools can be: 

  •  Social Media analytics tools: They are used to monitor, assess and consequently improve social media performance. 
  •  Social Media monitoring tools: They are used to track hashtags, keywords, and mentions relevant to your brand. 
  •  Social Media listening tools: Social listening tools are the tools you employ to monitor the perceptions of your leads, customers, and competitors regarding your brand, product, and business. 
  •  Social Media reporting tools: They track, collect and analyse data from social networks to create reports that help you better understand how your social media efforts are impacting your business. 
  •  Social Media automation tools: These are used to optimise social interactions using automated tools.  
  •  Social Media scheduling tools: These tools help you arrange and schedule posts across multiple social channels for maximum engagement with your audience.  
  •  Social Media engagement tools: Social media engagement tools allow brands to monitor conversations, respond to customer requests, and publish and schedule content. 
  • Social media customer service tools: They are AI-driven pieces of software that help supply digital customer support solutions and provide insights into the online social activities of your clients. 

Bonus Tool: All-in-one social media management tool: They help organisations of any size in managing all facets of their social media strategy. 


What does social media tools have?

  • It must allow you to post with your own brand identity on social networks, not as the provider of the tool. 
  • The social media marketing tool should allow you to bulk schedule hundreds of messages simultaneously. 
  • The tool must allow you to check posts to be automatically sent to an approver before posting. It should also restrict access in user settings.  
  • They must offer a secure login-sharing facility that eliminates the needless sharing of sensitive passwords. 
  • It must create a list of permissions and allocate them to groups or teams within your company. 
  • These social media marketing tools integrate with their social media tool. 
  • To use these tools effectively, the tools must offer some special training for the crew. 


How to Use Social Media Marketing Tools for Better Marketing Strategies?

  • Use it for Setting Goals: Branding your product online, driving sales, creating a loyal fan base, improving ROI, etc. Always make sure your social media campaigns are directed towards that goal. 
  • Know about your Audience: These tools can help you make an in-depth study of the audience, their age group, their active time, location, etc. 
  • You can track down the metrics such as the number of clicks, reach, hashtags and engagement, organic likes, or paid shares. 
  • You can study competitors, where you analyse how competitors interact with their audience, how they strategise, etc. 
  • To create content textual or visual content that is engaging and informative. They should also maintain consistency while publishing on different social channels and platforms. 


31 Best Social Media Marketing Tools for 2023


  • Sprout Social

It is one of the best tools to use for finding solutions to a brand’s social media issues and strengthens connections with its audience. Sprout Social enables you to manage and control social posts across multiple platforms, networks, and campaigns, all in one place. In addition, Sprout Social’s media publishing, scheduling and reporting tools can simplify your hard work. 

Pros of Sprout Social 

  • The dashboard is well-organised to help you with any existing social media campaign. 
  • Messages are simple to find. 
  • Setting up a timetable for posting is simple. 

Cons of Sprout Social 

  • Sprout Social may be expensive for small businesses.  


  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool that enables companies to watch their customers and comprehend how they feel and interact with their company. Hootsuite has a robust user interface. Further, Hootsuite’s social media marketing packages include: 


It offers 1 User, 10 Social accounts, Unlimited posts, Post scheduling, and Access to messages in one inbox. 

  • TEAM  

It allows 3 Users and 20 Social accounts. You can opt for a Free 30-Day Trial. 


5 Users and 35 Social accounts are available here. 

  • ENTERPRISE Custom 

It can be a customised package but Starts at 5 users and 50 social accounts. 


  • Sendible

Sendible provides a number of beneficial features to help you manage your social media efforts. When scheduling and approving content, it can help you increase communication by fostering better collaboration. It also contains a collection of pre-built content. 

Pros of Sendible 

  • It has a user-friendly interface. 
  • It offers a quick post-editing option. 
  • You can enjoy a quick post-scheduling option. 
  • Schedule directly for Instagram. 
  • You can enjoy built-in Canva support for image designing. 

Cons of Sendible

  • It is not available in the free version. 


  • MeetEdgar 

MeetEdgar is a social media marketing tool that helps in posting to social media, scheduling posts, and organising content for automated publishing for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here, the same piece of content might be posted in different variations. 

Pros of MeetEdgar 

  • Contents are posted on a last-in-first-out basis. 
  • Easy to manage multiple accounts at once. 
  • It’s very user-friendly.  

Cons of MeetEdgar 

  • The reporting quality is very limited.  
  • There are no dashboards or convenient ways to monitor the effectiveness of your posts. 


  • Social Status

Social Status is a great social media analytics and reporting tool for measuring engagement and gaining growth-related information. It is perfect for content producers, advertising agencies, marketing companies, and companies with significant digital marketing initiatives. The tool supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.  

Pros of Social Status 

  • It also has a Free trial option. 
  • It provides profile, ads, competitor, and influencer analysis and generates customised reports for all four levels.  
  • Great for e-commerce companies. 

Cons of Social Status 

  • It is less flexible. 


  • SocialPilot

The social media management software SocialPilot facilitates bulk publishing on various social channels, enhances engagement, schedules social media postings, and evaluates results. 

Pros of SocialPilot 

  • It offers comprehensive analytics concerning different platforms. 

Cons of SociaPilot 

  • Absence of social listening and does not support video posts in a bulk upload. 


  • SociAlert

You can use a tool called SociAlert as a part of your social media marketing plan. This tool helps in tracking tool that helps you to track your hashtags, keywords, and social accounts. Using this tool, you can expand your post reach on social media.  

Pros of SociAlert 

  • It generates a report with the number of posts, impressions, users, reach, and top mentions. 

Cons of SociALert 

  • No Free Plan is Available. 
  • It is only for small businesses. 


  • Social Champ

Social Champ helps you spread your content on all social media platforms at once. It has multiple social media automation features and multiple integrations to help you. It has multiple social media automation features and multiple integrations. 

Pros of Social Champ 

  • It offers Free Plan. 
  • It provides real-time monitoring. 
  • It helps in workflow management. 
  • It offers responsive customer support. 

Cons of Social Champ 

  • Social Champ has a complex user interface. 


  • Social Insider

Due to the fact that Social Insider creates insights and reports for your clients, it’s a fantastic way to lighten the job of SMB owners, agencies, and solo social media managers. You can use this tool to help in locating content, brand, and ad analysis in one location as it offers a unified analytics dashboard. 

Pros of Social Insider 

  •  It displays details about both your and your competitor’s social media pages. 

Cons of Social Insider 

  • Its metrics are ambiguous. 


  • SocialOomph

Previously, Social Oomph was an automation and marketing solution restricted to Twitter. But now they added more networks. 

Pros of SocialOomph 

  • Setting up, using, and scheduling your Tweets is quite simple. 
  • It has good tracking capabilities. 

Cons of SocialOomph 

  • Determining the ideal interval between posts is difficult. 


  • SocialElephants 

Social Elephants has features for management, insight collection, and competitor analysis. You can manage all your social profiles from a single location. All in all, one can easily plan, schedule, publish and analyse their content. 


  • CoSchedule

Coschedule enables you to simultaneously schedule all of your content for weeks, months, or years. It is most suitable for companies that have never used an automation tool. 

Pros of Coschedule 

  • It helps to minimise workload and maximise user engagement.  

Cons of Coschedule 

  •  Its chrome extension and mobile app have limited access to its overall features. 


  • Buffer

Buffer manages all social media platforms and runs campaigns to promote a business. It lets users manage multiple social media profiles and collaborate with their team members. 

Pros of Buffer 

  • It offers Social Media Monitoring. 
  • It provides a User Management facility. 
  • You can avail Free Trial. 

Cons of Buffer 

  • It has a complex customisation setup. 


  • eClincher

 eClincher is a useful social media marketing tool for posting, engagement, listening, and analytics. It works with YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Unfortunately, its User Interface needs to improve, while a lot of the more advanced functions are only included in the premium or agency plans. 


  • PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic works wonders for influencers, freelancers, and small businesses as it features editing pictures, collaboration, and scheduling. The starting package is for 1 user and 10 social media profiles. 


  • Friends+me

Friends+me allows you to publish at the right time, reach more customers and increase engagement. With this tool, you don’t have to publish your post right away; just schedule your posts for later. It has almost all the features of a social media manager, which includes bulk uploading, content creation, and customer support. 


  • Postfity

Postfity supports Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. It’s amazing since it’s simple to use and has fantastic customer service. However, there are only a few social media integrations. 


  • Loomly

Numerous social media management solutions can be integrated with Loomly. Furthermore, it functions for branding and content development functionalities. You will enjoy having the option to generate and distribute material across a variety of channels, as well as the recommendations it makes regarding what to post on various social media sites. However, there can be issues with the notifications for you or your customer. 


  • Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a social media engagement platform that brings your team together, streamlines your social inbox, and develops automated workflows. Additionally, you can simultaneously create, schedule, and publish various social media postings across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. It enables you to manage your social presence, keep up with the social conversations surrounding your business, and develop automated workflows with your staff. 


  • Tailwind

Tailwind combines your social and email marketing into a single service and provides you with a marketing strategy to expand more quickly and intelligently. Tailwind further provides scheduling options for Instagram and Pinterest. You can also benefit from a customised email and social media marketing strategy that was created just for you. 


  • Post Planner

Post Planner helps you schedule better content, engage your followers, and grow your business. They do offer support for major social media platforms. It also offers post recycling, calendar view, categories for posts, post ideas for quotes, questions, contests, articles, images & videos, drafts, bulk upload, and analytics. 


  • Metricool

Metricool is one of the few platforms for social media marketing that support ads. It analyses everything shared on social media and generates reports quickly. It also provides a drag-and-drop option while also letting you add links to your feed. Combining data from the web, social networks, and advertisements, it helps you examine and come up with a better approach. You may manage your community as well. 


  • Postpickr

You can generate fantastic content using Postpickr and publish it simultaneously to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Telegram. PostPickr supports more than ten different sources, including RSS feeds, blogs, social networks, apps, and web services. A social report in PDF format that includes your company logo is instantly created by this tool. 


  • SmarterQueue

The people that benefit most from SmarterQueue are solopreneurs, influencers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners since it enables them to track, post, and schedule material on various social media platforms -A Social Media Marketing Tool, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This technology enhances reach and engagement without adding any additional work to evergreen post-recycling. You can also locate excellent content with a track record of generating clicks. 


  • Juphy

Juphy provides a simple method for handling all social media interactions, which cuts down on response time. The tool gathers for your team all customer notifications, requests, DMs, comments, mentions, paid and organic reviews, and inquiries in one location. You will be able to keep track of urgent requests with ease, and you won’t miss significant comments or potential leads. 


  • OkToPost

Oktopost mainly focuses on the B2B niche, and helps brands publish, schedule, manage, and analyse. You may integrate marketing automation with your social media data using Oktopost. Along with that, this tool empowers social media professionals to work at scale and demonstrate business impact. Oktopost also offers social media calendar from which one can reschedule, edit, remove, or manually publish content. To get to know about pricing, you have to book a demo on their website, as it does not reveal their pricing publicly. 


  • Agorapulse

You can stay organised, save time, and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse. In fact, businesses of all sizes can use Agorapulse. This tool has a scheduler, a social inbox, and a social media calendar. It offers services such as intuitive publishing, social listening, insightful analytics, and social media ROI. 


  • Swello

Swello offers you a simple & efficient solution to manage your social media accounts. From a single dashboard, you can conduct your monitoring, schedule your content and analyse the impact of your posts on the social network, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and LinkedIn. It also offers to monitor, schedule your posts, manage your community, and analyse your results. 


  • Zoho Social

By availing Zoho Social, both small and big businesses create a powerful online presence. You can plan postings, keep an eye on what is important, and make custom reports with Zoho Social. This social media marketing tool provides several listening sections to assist you in staying informed about everything. In addition, you can create your customised social media dashboard and encourage your customers to take part. 


  • Radaar

Radaar allows you to manage all your social profiles from a single location. The tool boasts features such as publish, engage, analyse, and track and hence is best for social media managers, startups, and agencies. Those who use Radaar can schedule unique content, engage the audience, and measure progress. 


  • is a cloud-based social media marketing tool that is the best fit for agencies, solopreneurs, and marketers who can all benefit from their solutions. A visual calendar and an auto-queue are the two distinguishing qualities of this tool. 

Other than these, there are numerous other social media marketing tools that can be best for your business- small-scale, medium-scale, large-scale or even multi-national company. These tools help you relish profits and growth. 


Tips for effective searching on social media 

  • Always create a search schedule or search queries with social media tools, then check in on them at specific times.  
  • Run regular reports each month to monitor changes. 
  • Regularly review and update the search terms, hashtags, and social media profiles you monitor. 
  • Follow your audience and focus on your resources. 
  • Check the vibe in different social media and engage in social listening across all relevant platforms. 
  • Filter results and use the relevant ones in making your social media presence the best. 


Don’ts while using Social Media Marketing Tools 

  1. Do not use the tool just because your competitor is using it. If you find it favourable, you can use it. 
  2. Don’t use these tools to get attention from everyone on social media; only focus on the target audience. 
  3. Don’t ignore or delete Negative Reviews; Always respond to gain insight into your business and target market. 
  4. You may use social media tools to automate your social media posts and even respond; thus, you should never let the automation lose your Personal Touch. Try to make messaging personal and targeted. 
  5. Don’t just stick to your social media marketing tool forever; you can experiment with available tools and avail the new features. 
  6. Never neglect your audience, whether in comments or in the inbox. 


Why choose NSW IT Solution for Social Media Marketing in Australia? 

Companies work with a social media marketing agency to produce outcomes while saving time and money. These agencies use advanced strategies and social media tools to make your social profile appear best and work better than ever.  

As a leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Australia, we ensure to understand the brand first and then make the brand and our social media managers familiar with our social media strategy. To leverage the power of social media sites, we also select the right social media tool from a pool of options. In fact, using these tools, we effectively handle your multiple social media accounts, make content and share them on social media. 

Furthermore, we maintain consistency in social media activities along with offering services on social media consulting, social media optimisation, and content development and eventually establish long-term relationships with their present and future customers. 

To avail our social media marketing services, you can contact us. We are here to help you out! 



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