How does social media optimization strategy help in lead generation for small businesses?

social media optimization strategy

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At present, one can find comparatively higher traffic on social media, and it has become a must to have a social media presence for brands. Missing out on this means missing out on the opportunity to grow, attract prospects, and retain clients. So, you came to social media and made a presence, but it is never enough; you need to optimize your social media too. Speaking as a technical expert, social media presence and social media optimization are two different topics. Thus, in this blog, we will cover social media strategy and social media optimisation. 

Let’s get started!! 


Table of Contents


What is social media strategy? 

B2B V/s B2C Social Media Marketing Strategies 

What is social media optimisation? 

Social Media optimisation Vs Search Engine optimisation 

6 Strategies Small Businesses can have for Social Media optimisation 

  1. Make your account optimized 
  2. Work on your content optimisation strategy 
  3. Link optimisation 
  4. Make use of chatbots 
  5. Run content polls 
  6. Form a Group or Community

Write attractive headlines and captions

Bonus Tips for Social Media optimisation 

How does social media optimisation strategy help in lead generation for small businesses? 

Salient Features of the best Social Media Optimizing company in Australia 


What is social media strategy?


A plan to excel on social media is simply a social media strategy. Social media strategy as a plan deals with how to maximise audience engagement and interactions in all used social media channels. As per Hubspot, “Social media strategy is defined as an outline of any content that a brand opts for and posts.”  

For a great social media strategy,  a social media team has to work on studying, researching, drafting, and posting content; A professional look is loved on LinkedIn, while on Instagram, you might want to go for a more stylish aspect. In fact, social media strategy always stays compliant with your business goals. Moreover, Social media strategies must include Content Bank, Content Schedule, use of  Social Tools, and a Social Media Audit. 

For those who also have a query, “Why do small businesses need a good Social Media Marketing Strategy?” the answer is : 

Small Businesses, which are predominantly B2C businesses, require a good social media marketing strategy so that you can cut down on expenses on advertising and grow organically. This will helps add authenticity to the brand and let the audience know that the business is genuine. 


B2B V/s B2C Social Media Marketing Strategies

Due to the complexity of B2B buyers in general, social media marketing strategies for B2B companies must be taken considerably more seriously. With regard to B2C, customer requirements are considerably more straightforward, and thus, social media marketing strategies should focus more on selling.

Additional deciding elements for social media marketing strategy include the necessity for a professional appearance and the accessibility of the target audience on social media. 

What is social media optimisation?


Social Media optimisation (SMO) is a process of optimizing your social media account/page/channels. Basically, it is how we make ourselves much more visible to a larger audience on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and non-paid campaigns. Social media optimisation activities: optimizing the profile, page assets, regular posting, and others resemble on-page SEO activities. 

Most importantly, Social media optimisation focuses on brand image, i.e. building a positive brand image. This calls for maintaining uniformity in all social media channels. So, for example, you have to put the same logo with the same brand colour everywhere; or else, this will backfire on your optimisation process.  

Let’s make one thing clear that: “Social Media Marketing includes more paid campaigns while Social Media optimisation has non-paid activities. It means the first step is an optimisation and then marketing.” 

When you take help or hire a social media optimizing company, you must make sure that the company is good with algorithms and understanding of it. They must be able to interpret the significance of likes and share, where to put the links, what kind of content to put out to the audience, what kind of image you should put, etc. 

Also, social media platforms are dynamic and always have new trends and practices each year, and thus those who are into social media optimisation must always be updated with the new trends and updates.  


Social Media optimisation Vs Search Engine optimisation

In digital marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and Social media optimisation (SMO) is crucial.SEO is a set of strategies with the broad goal of bringing your website at first with on-page, off-page, and technical activities. In contrast, SMO is an optimisation that deals with enhancing a brand’s social media presence. 

The difference is that Social media optimisation (SMO) can be one part of the broad term SEO. Further, SMO helps to leverage your social media presence, visibility, and appeal to attract. Thus, focusing on overall content -textual, audio, visual, everything- is something that SMO covers. 


6 Strategies Small Businesses can have for Social Media optimisation


  • Make your account optimized

First and foremost, a brand must ensure that its accounts align with business goals. For this, a general audit of social profiles emphasising branding and marketing messaging must be done. Another key is that social media account optimisation needs consistency. Consistency in logos, fonts, hashtags, taglines and slogans and providing suitable links are essential. 


  • Work on your content optimisation strategy

 A content optimisation strategy is a practice of making your content as relevant and results-driven. You can’t succeed in social media without content optimisation. For social media, we will have two pieces of content: Original content (made entirely by ideas and resources within the company) and curated content (crafted after taking help from other resources).

Original content includes relevant infographics, texts, reports, pictures, and others, while curated content is drastically different from the original as they are extracted from the content present on the internet.

Choosing only one type of content is surely a bad practice; thus, a brand must have a healthy mix of both types of content. Always ensure quality over quantity, even though you are mixing things up. 


  • Link optimisation

Link optimisation is essential to understanding how your audience interacts with the links you provide. The ROI of your individual posts and overall social media activities may really be evaluated with the aid of link optimisation. These connections let you keep tabs on your Customers’ activities and even see which posts get the most traffic from your links and which ones don’t.

UTMs (short text codes you add to URLs (or links) to help you measure the success of webpages or campaigns) may be quickly and simply added to social media channels and posts to track activity.


  • Make use of chatbots

A chatbot imitates human communication, enabling businesses to maximise marketing efforts and have constant dialogues with potential clients. For example, you may select the best chatbot type for your brand or business from a variety of Conversational AI chatbots and Rule-based chatbots that are accessible. Your needs, goals, and budget may all be met with the aid of these chatbots. All in all, by integrating chatbots into your social media channels can speed up communication and save time. 


  • Run content polls

Social media polling is a form of open-access polling that combines social media and opinion polling. They make up a great way to gain market insights about product perceptions and brand awareness and inspire blog content, campaigns, and even overall marketing strategy if used strategically. 

Some tips to help boost social media performance with social polls: 

  1. Keep Polls Interesting and Relevant to your target audience. 
  2. You can post polls during peak traffic times.  
  3. Use polls to find Find Out How Your Audience Feels 
  4. Don’t Overdo it, don’t make the followers overwhelmed with too many polls. 
  5. Respond and interact with your followers 


  • Form a Group or Community

Social media communities and groups are effective and needed for social media optimisation. People following you are a perfect candidate to join your community; thus, you must start a community where you and the people can talk about the brand and related activities. You can set up your community and have the audience discuss your brand or product.

With a community, you can spread brand awareness, attract potential prospects, establish brand loyalty and foster trust. You can grow your social media community by becoming responsive, accessible, solving a problem, tracking mentions, rewarding your top contributors, and many more. 


  • Write attractive headlines and captions

The social media post is justifiable if the image content and caption are strong. To create engaging headlines and captions that fulfil your objectives, you may either write them yourself or engage a copywriting expert or social media specialist. 

You should strive to strike a balance between being conversational and promotional in all of your posts and captions while maintaining your brand voice. 


Bonus Tips for Social Media optimisation 


  1. Have your business details complete i.e. mission, phone number, address, email id, etc. 
  2. Check on the current trend and updates and make content accordingly. 
  3. Create more visual content to entice prospects and convert them into leads 
  4. Always post on time and optimise them properly. 
  5. Ensure to interact with your audience to appear genuine. 
  6. Share your professional social media accounts in your circle and promote regularly. 


How does social media optimisation strategy help in lead generation for small businesses?


Social Media optimization strategy helps in lead generation for small businesses as it is an organic approach with no single penny to invest, but you need time and effort to devote. 

Talking lead generation is achieved after completing a full cycle. The cycle goes by: 

  • First, optimisation increases your visibility. Further, a good SMO shows a brand to be extremely serious about brand image and how you project it, making the audience aware of you. 
  • You will have good traffic. 
  • Your engagement activities with customers and prospects get better. 
  • The number of followers/customers increases. 
  • Sales start increasing. 


Salient Features of the best Social Media Optimizing company in Australia


  • They conduct social media account audits. Further, they help you create a custom social media strategy that helps your business grow through social media. 
  • They always create original social media posts that reflect your business and help your audience get familiar with your brand.  
  • They would have a dedicated social media account manager who will understand the questions and concerns of a brand and then come up with ideas for your campaign.  
  • They run brand reputation analysis to see how your audience perceives your business. 
  • They also do in-depth competitor analysis to help you understand your competitors’ performance, their weaknesses and our approach to conquering those weaknesses.  
  • Regular social media monitoring to become popular among people. 
  • They always evaluate previous social media marketing strategies and present reports for evaluation and new straetegy for the new month. 


So, choose your social media optimization company or team wisely so that the content on social media and visibility on social media gets better and better 

If you are in search of a digital marketing company in Australia that also has expertise in social media optimisation then NSW IT Solutions is your ultimate stop. We offer our result-oriented optimisation process so that you will gain maximum traffic, lead, and, eventually, sales or loyal customers. 

You can expect the following service under our social media optimisation services: 

  1. Setting SMART goals to draft and execute the social strategy as a whole, perhaps yearly. 
  2. Perfecting your profile with professional pictures and optimising about us. 
  3. We share blogs on your website to your social media for better optimisation and traffic. 
  4. We have stats that tell us the right time to publish content which will bring massive traffic 

Moreover, we always take the “usual” approach but with a customised touch. In the case of social media optimisation, we ensure to reflect the best side of the brand while also ensuring the best presence on social media. 


So, when in need of the best digital marketing services in Australia, Choose only NSW IT Solutions. 



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