Sydney Commuters will soon get to use digital Opal Card!

Sydney commuters soon to get a digital version of Opal card. The NSW government is planning to trail the digital Opal card in 2020. The universally accepted opal card will prominently allow the users to pay every mode of transports (Public & Private cabs).
The card is expected to connect the digital or Apple wallet, which shall be linked to the transportation of NSW. The digital card in its first stage shall be available on the pre-paid version and after that, a revised version shall be clubbed with the features lagging in the first edition.
The card offers the same benefit, value and travel credits along with fare concession to the commuters.
In October 2019, Opal connect was introduced, to assist the commuters keep track of their travel payments incurred in both private and public transport. The platform is also seen as the base for the government to offer Netflix subscription service over a year.
TfNSW will be looking out for prospective delivery partners from January, before distributing the card to public for trail purpose.
Victoria is the first state to offer digital commuting service. Andrew Constance, Transport minister, raised the first prospect of digital model, this year. The travelers would pay monthly or weekly fee to use the service.

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