Tech companies to assist Aussie Cops in data encryption

A new policy is soon to release where Aussie tech companies will directly assist cops in data encryption. The new law will be immediately executed once its declared. The rules apply to Australian telecommunication network like Optus, Telstra along with tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook.
Angus Taylor, Country Cyber Security Minister, though didn’t clarified much on the detail stated that laws will be pondered on every technology which are relevant and works with current system. He said, “It includes whatever techniques are relevant, and that’s how the current system works. It’s not appropriate to have a world where we can do this for analogue data, analogue communication, but we can’t do it in the digital world. There’s been ideas around for decades that you should create key that law enforcement can get access to, to access any data at any time that’s not what we’re proposing here.”
Legislation is carried out to update the existing laws. Draft legislation is due to release in the coming week followed by public consultation. Previously, Australian security had to use back door for encrypting data which only provided short hand information.

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