Telstra 3G & 4G networks combat to connect users in Australia

Mobile phone outage news seems to be a common issue in Australia these days. Both the internet users and mobile phone users are victimized by the interruption in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Darwin and Adelaide since late Monday, June 18, 2018.
Telstra users are making use of social media to show their distress regarding the connection problem. While the rest are complaining about the availability of SOS calls. Several business users like Woolworth’s, Belong and ALDIMobile have reported on their calling issues.
Spokesperson of Telstra on the occurrence said, “There was a vendor platform issue that impacted (MVNO) services for a small number of wholesale customers. The majority of those services have already been restored. We apologies to these wholesale customers for any inconvenience.”
On May 21, 2018 entire nation had severally faced network outage for five hours, where millions of Australians were left without voice and internet services. Despite fixing the issue, Telstra was still unable to relate the exact reason for default. Similar obstruction was faced back in May 1, 2018 where the 4G users had faced service interruption for two hours.

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