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Telstra approaches for redundancies in sales and service sector

Telstra redundantly proposed a new operating model for sales and service team which would eventually decline the head count by 110 per cent. The approaches and proposed redundancies are linked to improvise customers and service while driving organization towards profit making. The proposal has been made with thorough consultation with representatives and employees.
The aforesaid initiation is said to cut down jobs of more than 8000 employees and the new proposal is not a part of 2022 Telstra plans. The slashing head count will form a new business unit and will control the fixed line infrastructure. The new unit is likely to include non-mobile related fibre, data centres, hybrid fibre coaxial and telco’s copper network.
Telstra 2022 strategy will offer reduction in cost, product offerings and simplified structure. The new strategy is expected to boost its productivity level to $2.5 billion. NBN rollout urged Telstra to bring out major changes in telecommunication market.

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