Telstra in search of legal transparency to prevent venomous traffic

Telstra in all its way is in search of a legal weapon to control (block or limit) internet traffic which is spiteful in nature. The plan is one of a strategy proposed by Telstra at “Cyber Secure Australia” forum in March. Telstra in the forum had laid down four pillar strategy including grade security service for enterprise level, managed security service, internet of thing and legal control to confine malicious traffic.
Neil Campbell, security solution director considers legal transparency to be Telstra’s responsibility to protect Australia’s national interests. He said, “This is a genuine effort by a collection of very passionate people to change the face of security in this country. We’ll see devices in a botnet communicate to a command-and-control server just in the way we operate our network because as a telco we have a responsibility to monitor the network for security and availability reasons. We’ll see that traffic but right now we don’t believe we have a clear legal mandate to interfere with it.”
In spite of having Telecommunication Act, the legislation prevents the telco’s to act against the malicious act. Telstra is seeking to mingle with Federal Government to take proactive action which isn’t massive in nature. Campbell said,
We want to work with the federal government to make sure that we can do things that aren’t Big Brother-ish because that’s not who we want to be, but that enable us to, where we have a high degree of confidence that a given kind of traffic is representative of malicious activity, be able to rate-limit it or block it altogether and therefore every user of the network benefits.”

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