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20 Interesting Facts About Matt Cutts

Matthew Cutts best known as Matt Cutts, is a Software engineer. Cutts born in the year 1972, with the data of his birth date, he is 45 years old now. Matt grew up with his parents in Kentucky. He was graduated from University of Kentucky with bachelor degree in mathematics and computer science. He was also a head of Google’s Webspam team.
Matt started his career from Safe Search and ads engineering group, Google’s family filter and it was design by himself. He had spent his time in Google for more than a decade, with his knowledge and skills, he took google to a next level. He was never gone for break, since he joined Google, however, in 2015 he finally decided to go for a long break and spend his time with his family. Many webmasters were surprised, when Matt Cutts left Google.
There are more than 20 interesting facts about Matt Cutts. We consider Matt Cutts as a great developer and programmer. He is a good friend of webmasters.

Here are some 20 interesting facts about Matt Cutts, you must read:

  • 1. Matt Cutts real name is Matthew Cutts.
    2. Matt was graduated from University of Kentucky with bachelor degree in mathematics and computer science.
    3. He has a master degree from University of North Carolina and in Computer Science.
    4. Cutts is the former president of Golden Key Honor Society, before he joined Google. He had received many fellowships, such as NSF Graduate Fellowship, Gaines Fellowship in the Humanities, the Link Foundation Fellowship, Governor’s Scholarship, and more.
    5. Matt worked as Software Engineer for a company called Numerical Design Ltd. In a North Carolina. This is gaming engine company.
    6. He worked for the U.S Department of Defense as an undergraduate student in University of Kentucky’s co-operative educational program.
    7. Cutt had joined Google in 2000.
    8. When Matt joined Google, Google had under 100 employees.
    9. Before 2004, he was a senior staff of Google.
    10. After 2004, he was a head of Google’s Webspam team.
    11. He first wrote the version of SafeSearch, and which is Google’s family filter.
    12. Matt become more popular when Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithm lunched in 2011.
    13. Matt was a human voice between Google and webmasters.
    14. He owns a Honda Civic, Chevrolet Cavalier and a Ford Escort.
    15. Matts favorite search engine spider is Grub.
    16. Cutts close friends are dubbed as cutlets.
    17. Matt admitted that he was a ‘Google Guy’ ones
    18. He loves to wear costumes in Halloween.
    19. Matt was more famous than any other at Google.
    20. **EMPTY** (“We left this one for you, if you think we have missed something to include, please share it with us.”)

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