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Facebook is the largest and most popular social network in the world so far. Over the Internet, there are more than one billion active users on Facebook, so it is a suitable platform to attract potential customers. No matter what kind of product or service you provide, you can always use Facebook page to publish your business offers, attract your followers and eventually turn them into buying customers. To achieve better results from this platform, your Facebook page should have a large number of followers.
If your Facebook page is popular, your business can get a lot of attention leading traffic to your website or bring customers to the products or services you provide.
This article will give you some tips on how to increase fans to your Facebook page.
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  1. Create your fan page Properly

Fill in all the required data regarding your page information and choose it well because it will have an impact on your page’s future. Invite all of your friends to like your page.

  1. Share posts with other pages in the same domain as your page

There are millions of pages on Facebook and you must find pages similar to your page with the same domain, you can email them and suggest sharing your page with their fans in order to share their pages with your fans.

  1. Try posting at the right time

Depending on your Facebook page statistics, you can see when fans interact with your publications, try posting at these times, or schedule publications to be automatically published at scheduled times. You can also use other applications that can help you share automatically in the desired time.

  1. Organize competitions on your page

This has been a successful tactics to bring new fans to like your Facebook page. Try to organize competitions and set prizes for the winners with the requirements to like, share, comment and tag some friends to participate in the competition.

  1. Publish High Quality Contents

Always post something useful to your fans to keep them engaging. If you publish a high-quality content, peoples interact with them. They may even re share and there is a change that your page may get a new follower.

  1. Make a use of Images and Graphics

Try to use images or graphics in your content as they are highly engaging than just texts. If you want to use image, you should use images related to your business theme and in the field of your page to ensure that more fans interact.

  1. Try to publish Video content

This may be more expensive and time consuming to create high quality engaging videos but trust me it worth every second of your time and the money you spend. Videos are much more engaging than images and text contents.

  1. Go Facebook live

The recent trend of Facebook live is gaining its popularity day by day. Come up with something interesting or informative ideas related to your expertise and go Facebook live. As I already mentioned before, video contents are much more engaging than any other contents in Facebook.

  1. Join Facebook groups related to your page

This is one of the best ways to increase the number of fans to your page. Search for groups on Facebook related to your area, join the group and post your fan page along with informative content, asking peoples to like it. Be careful not to Spam the group else group admin or moderator may kick you and ban forever.

  1. Increase your fans by paid advertising

The fastest way to increase the number of fans on your page is to promote them with Facebook-funded ads. There are many Facebook users searching for pages and people sharing useful information with them. You can reach them by paying ads.


Always stay away from fan exchange and fan buying services. Fans from these kinds of services are not primarily interested in your content and may be different from your language in exchange for the owner on the page mentioned on your page. Such services will not benefit your page in anything but hurt them. It is better to have 1000 real and interested fans than having 10,000 number only fans. More chance is they do not really care what your publish on your page and their accounts are often inactive.



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