Top 15 common passwords used till date 2018: If you too are using it stop it NOW!

Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more, do you have the capacity to memorize the password of every mailbox and social sites? It’s painful to memorize passwords. So, most of us prefer to use passwords which are short, memorable words, numbers used in multiple sites and apps. The decision of in feeding easy passwords sometimes can backfire on us anytime in case the website suffered from a security breach.
There is no secret in it as no one bothers to fill in lengthy and complicated passwords. The answer is extremely simple as one has more than account, several email addresses so why bother feeding individual passwords when one can put one easy password to access it all.  Even when you need to log in you just go through the organizers and feed in. We human being tend to keep passwords which are familiar and which come across in our day to day activities.
Below are the usual schemes of generating passwords;

  • The first thing which comes to our mind is either our pet name, birth date, vehicle model or the numeric number “123456”.
  • Combination of numbers like 111111 or 0987654321.
  • Psychological factors including the use of obscene vocabulary.
  • Favorite author, color, country, fav actor or actress.

15 most common passwords used so far in 2018

  1. 123456
  2. Password
  3. Qwerty123
  4. 1234567
  5. 12345678
  6. Letmein
  7. Monkey
  8. Football
  9. Baseball
  10. Mustang
  11. Shadow
  12. Dragon
  13. 696969
  14. Abc123
  15. 1111111

Ways to protect your password from getting hacked

infographic on how to protect password

  • Include characters in your password: Use special characters, numerical, lower case, upper case and special characters for high-end protection.
  • Avoid dictionary words: Guesswork becomes easy for dictionary cracks. It becomes easy guesswork to easily understand the entire word through the smallest hint.
  • Make use of password manager: Strong password includes numerical, upper case, lower case, and alphabets. It requires a strong memory to remember. Password manager helps you to generate unique strong passwords and easily manages your passwords.

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