NSW IT SUPPORT has a strong connection with wide range of vendors, and some of these are the suppliers of traffic management technologies. NSW IT SUPPORT with the help so the suppliers has successfully supplied technical equipment for traffic management in and outside New South Wales. As a result, we have successfully met with the needs of transportation authorities and agencies. NSW IT SUPPORT has fully integrated best result proven solutions by optimizing the operational system of traffic management. 

The traffic equipment’s supplied by NSW IT SUPPORT are certified by the Australian Government. While the engineers of NSW IT SUPPORT are certified and experienced in installing such technologies with great functionality of traffic management. 


What does NSW IT offer Traffic Management, in IT services?

  • Images and Ultra high-resolution video for recording evidence. 
  • Install tripod, plinth, pole and gantry options. 
  • Distribute hand held iTicket devices and full on-line integration with back-office software. 
  • Integrate real-time ANPR, automated red-light, head-way, average speed and speed enforcement. 
  • We provide applications which are window based, which documents roadside camera generated speed enforcement files. 
  • Comprehensive and basic package for traffic lights maintenance.  
  • Freeway and urban management systems delivering real-time traffic monitoring. 
  • Queue length monitoring supported by early warning with LED signage at freeway ramps. 
  • Design and build operations of specialized enforcement along with customer management service for vehicles. 

NSW IT SUPPORT actively participate in improving the road safety of New South Wales. It provides latest hardware and software components which automatically detects number plate. The software also detects license plates, images and other meta-data of detected license plates, which are available through built-in web-based user interface. The Back-office software provided by NSW IT SUPPORT can determine road safety violation i.e. high speed, which are retrieved from camera. Binary IT also performs the following activities. 


Advantages of out sourcing NSW IT SUPPORT for Traffic Management, in NSW Australia:

  • Our Pricing Model: 

We have no hidden charges tucked secretly inside any of our services. Our prices are transparent and comparatively lower. We adopt billing services as per client’s suitability i.e monthly, quarterly or yearly.  

  • Expertise & Experienced: 

We have certified engineers and support providers who are in the IT fields for more than decades. You get to outsource the qualified individuals at a fraction of cost of employing and training them.  

  • Preventing & Resolving Technical problems: 

We have worked with several sectors of industries so far, therefore we combat with any kind of situation. We provide unlimited access to Service Desk and monitor your system 24/7 days. We also take up security updates to prevented unwanted security and privacy issues.  

  • Advice & Assist: 

Technology changes can be quite tricky. Your business needs to ensure that you work is minimally affected by the changes. So, we are available to advise and assist you in every minor problem. 

 To avail for any kind of IT services, kindly contact us at 1300 138 600 or e-mail us at [email protected]!