Twitter Alerts it Android Users to Upgrade their app in latest version!

Twitter has asked its Android user to update the latest phone version to fix the vulnerability that could allow the intruder to break through their twitter account.Through their blog post, they marked the vulnerability where the invader could take hold of the account and see the non-public account information.As stated on the official page, Twitter has taken every measurable step to fix the issue and has also notified its users through Mail or official Twitter app with specific instructions on safety.
They said;
We recently fixed a vulnerability within Twitter for Android that could allow a bad actor to see nonpublic account information or to control your account (i.e., send Tweets or Direct Messages). Prior to the fix, through a complicated process involving the insertion of malicious code into restricted storage areas of the Twitter app, it may have been possible for a bad actor to access information (e.g., Direct Messages, protected Tweets, location information) from the app.
They further added,
We don’t have evidence that malicious code was inserted into the app or that this vulnerability was exploited, but we can’t be completely sure, so we are taking extra caution.
They have further, recommended people to follow the instruction as soon as possible. This problem impacts no iOS users.
Twitter has made an apology for the misfortune and has assured to keep the user’s information secure.

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