Two Factor Authentication, A New Security Measure Revised by Facebook

A new security measure released by Facebook prevents its users from feeding their phone numbers for their account security. Two factor authentications have been introduced to protect the users account where codes are generated. This adaptive measure unauthorised access of accounts by requiring a code along with a password to log in. The act secures the account especially in situation where the password is stolen by hacker.
Previously, Facebook used phone number to send two factor authentications but after the users lashed the social media for making use of their numbers for sending spam notifications. On an answer to the backlash Facebook termed the spam notification to be the source of an unintended bug. Through the blog post, Alex Stamos, Facebook Chief Security Officer, said, “The last thing we want is for people to avoid helpful security features because they fear they will receive unrelated notifications.”
The two-factor authentication no longer require phone number. It can smoothly be used with the third-party authentication app like Duo Security and Google Authenticator which can be both used in mobile and desktop. Two-factor authentication is best for extra layer of protection of Facebook account.

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