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I just can’t imagine a world without video downloading tools because there are many occasions when we have to resort to saving the video on to our digital devices. For example, I am accustomed to downloading videos from the Internet to my laptop for a smoother watching experience since I can’t bear the fluctuating Internet connection while I am watching streaming videos. And if I am arrested by some delicate films or MVs, chances are that I would like to download these videos to the hard drive and then edit and clip them into one shortage along with a piece of background music as a way of expressing my feelings.
So out of these reasons and together with other accounts, I have searched and tried many ways to download online videos for the past few months and finally tested out the most satisfactory one on the list. Now in the following minutes, I am going to share with you this best downloading tool.
Enter URL on Downloader
It is called VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. Why it is so great that I just can’t help sharing with you guys? Well, first of all, it is based on a website of VideoSolo, which means that it does not require its users to download any third party software. This way of working can safely prevent our laptop from getting infectious by some virus. Secondly, it stands out among many other downloading tools in that it is super easy to use. Your favorite streaming videos can be saved to your digital devices within just clicks. Anyone who can read can download videos on its intuitive interface.
On top of that, I love its powerful downloading capabilities. With VideoSolo Online Video Downloader, you are allowed to grab videos from various trending video-sharing platforms, some famous being YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. (The list is ever growing.)
In my view, the bright spot of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader is that, as a freeware and greenware as well, it is highly compatible with all the common browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge included. Therefore, it frees me from worrying about doing some really sophisticated technical stuff before I begin the downloading process.

Simple Steps to Download Videos for Free

Here I will show you how to download videos on PC/Mac/Android devices with it in a blink of time.
Notice: If you are using iOS devices, you can also get access to this wonderful downloader except that you have to do one extra step before beginning the following download task, that is to download an app “Documents” so as to download files. You can also read the guide for iPhone users: A Free Way to Download YouTube Video to iPhone/iPad
Step 1. Visit the video page and copy the video link from the browser address bar.
Copy URL from YouTube Video Page
Step 2. Switch over to a new page of the browser and search for the main page of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader. Enter the copied link into the box before clicking on the “Start” button. (For ios, head to Documents instead, and open the page of VideoSolo Online Video Downloader alike.)
Step 3. From the new window, you will see a list of video formats for you to select. You are provided with Video Download, Video Only, Audio Download and even Subtitles (only if the original videos have a separate subtitles file along with it) on this page. After choosing the right format that you want, go ahead with the “Download” button.
Video Formats
Within seconds, you are able to enjoy your favorite clips on the go or no matter whether there is an access to Wi-Fi connection. For me, VideoSolo Online Video Downloader provides a really good video downloading experience without spending a penny out of my pocket and that is the reason why I share it with you. I hope with the help of it, everyone reading this article can smoothly download videos from online websites.
If you have any questions in using it, just go ask for technical support from the company.

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