Virtualisation Services and Solutions

Reduce IT costs with consolidation and virtualisation. NSW IT SUPPORT eliminates over excessive use of server utilisation, overprovisioning and server management. Server consolidation reduces operating cost by 50%, energy cost by 80% and save more than a thousand bucks for each virtualised server workload. NSW IT SUPPORT improves reliability and decreases downturn with business continuity and built-in disaster recovery. At the same time, we are also keen on delivering IT services on demand, operating systems or applications. 

  • Server Virtualisation Service: We will combine your servers, improve flexibility and free up your resources for potential success. We have partnered with VMWARE to deliver the right solution to your business within your budget. From a passive solution to active, we cluster every solution by using EMC technology. 
  • Desktop Virtualisation Service: Reduce your desktop service, resource-intensive software rollouts as Desktop Virtualisation allows you to use application from a centralised server. We are eager to release thin client computing experience.  
  • Application Service: It removes the obligation of sticking from the operating system. It improvises mobility, reliability and cost reduction. In a broad organisation tracking software license, rolling out the operating system, applications can be bothersome. Application virtualisation manages your application, making it all easy. 

Advantages of Virtualisation:

  • Increase control with server virtualisation:  Consolidate hardware with operation management where an organisation can enhance their hardware where your organisation can even save energy. Virtualisation reduces server costs with desktop and server virtualisation, centrally manage your visual data centre and automate virtual data centre. 
  • Consolidate and eliminate over-provisioning: Get more from virtualisation as you can operate in Windows, NetWare, Linus and Solaris. It reduces hardware requirements, operating costs with server consolidation. 
  • Manage Infrastructure: VMware works closely with the industry-standard organisation. It manages and monitors the entire virtual infrastructure from a central location. It offers unified management service by accelerating provisional time. 
  • Automate IT to maximise efficiency:  Transform your IT infrastructure into the self-optimising data centre with built-in capacity for application viability, resource optimisation and operational automation. It even offers live virtual machine migration and delivers mission-critical services on demand. 

Services offered by NSW IT SUPPORT:

  • Server and desktop virtualisation for both new and existing business. 
  • Protection of sensitive information in data centres. 
  • Automatic updating of software. 
  • Cost rationalisation & energy saving.  
  • Consolidating complex IT systems 
  • Data management, including data backup and business continuity 
  • Customised service suiting business requirement. 
  • 24/7 days availability of help desk. 

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