Vodafone overcomes Huawei equipment ban, launches Nokia-5G

Looks like the telecommunication titan was waiting for the evolution since long time.
Amid 2020, the Vodafone network will soon start its 5G service on a network comprising end to end solution with Nokia equipment. The tech conglomerate has finally sought a sleek way to overcome the ban on Huawei gear and will be testing the channel prudently from the west coast of Sydney.
The telco has signed the contract period of 5-years with Nokia, allowing Vodafone the flexibility for 5G rollouts and on-site delivery.
Back on 2018, the Federal Government of Australia had banned the use of Huawei and ZTE equipment’s.
Inaki Berroeta, CEO of Vodafone, claimed on working for the 5G evolution, with the device which are available widely. He said;
“We have been preparing for the evolution of 5G for a long time. Our focus has always been to deliver the best possible mobile service for our customers. With 5G devices only just starting to become more widely available, now is the right time to start rolling out 5G.”
He further adds,
“Nokia presented an advanced 5G Roadmap that will enable 5G for Vodafone in all the spectrum bands currently in use for 4G, and implementation of new generation 5G Massive MIMO antennas, delivering substantially increased gains in capacity and performance.”
With Nokia in hand, Vodafone is making an ultra-move, to merge with TPG in $15 billion deal, to bring out a competitive 5G value in the Australian market.

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