WAP3 Standard Wi-Fi Connection for Tighter Security

WPA3, a new strong wi-fi connection is soon to be launched in the market with more protections for smooth data flow between devices. The router is certified by Wi-Fi Alliance and confidently replaces Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 known as WPA2. Wi-Fi Alliance on Monday made an announcement regarding the features and protocol.
The new protocol is said to generate complexity for the hackers. Network giant Cisco too supported WPA3 concept with future implementations. Spokesperson of Cisco said, The WPA3 program will bring much-needed upgrades to wireless security protecting all levels of customers from consumer to enterprise and government.”
Kevin Robinson, Marketing Vice President of Wi-Fi Alliance said the protection is available even if the Wi-Fi password is not difficult to guess. He said, “Users should still choose passwords that are hard to guess. A user should not go and pick ‘password’ as their password.”     

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