The Benefits of Professional Website Development, Support, and Maintenance Services

Professional Website Development Support and Maintenance Services

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Congratulations on having your brand’s online presence on websites and social media. Talking about website presence, having an attractive and functional website can contribute to bringing you a fortune. However, simply creating a website is insufficient since your website requires maintenance and assistance to thrive. Thus, it is more than important to keep your website secure while also addressing technical issues and getting things updated. In this blog, we will look into the amazing benefits of professional website development, support, and maintenance services. Let’s get started!


What is a website?

According to Tehnopedia, a website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked web pages that share a single domain name. Regarding website types, a website can be a personal website, small business website, eCommerce website, portfolio website and blog website. 

The fundamental parts of a website include Header, Footer, Homepage, Landing Page, About page, Product/service pages, Navigation Bar or Main Menu, Images, Website, and Forms. Besides these important aspects of your website, you need to focus on Web hosting, Domain names, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which are essential to run your site smoothly.


Facts about websites in 2023

  • Every three seconds, a new website is built.
  • 47% of users think it is 2 seconds of loading time for an average website.
  • 93% of global traffic comes from Google- the most visited website, with 85.1 billion visitors.
  • 94% of website visitors judge any website based on responsive website design.
  • Talking about traffic from people using mobile phones, it is 58.99% of all website traffic worldwide.


Types of web pages

Static and dynamic are the two types of web pages. Static web pages are simple and written in languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and others. The static type of web page can be seen through a web browser. Furthermore, until and unless manual efforts are not given, pages in static web pages will remain unchanged.

Another type of webpage is a dynamic web page that is written on CGI, AJAX, ASP, ASP.NET, and other programming languages. Also, these dynamic web pages are made for that particular section of the website where information has to be changed regularly. 


What is Web Development?

As per WebFX, web development is the process where web developers build, program, as well as effectively perform website management. It is a structured and systematic way to build a professional and reliable website. A web developer works on front-end, back-end, database, and server-distributed networks. The advantages of web development include a user-friendly design interface, ease of navigation, and boosted sales and revenue. Many businesses at this point are into making websites with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress. However, the benefits of professional web development, support, and maintenance outweigh the mere advantages of WordPress websites.

As per Webapex, the cost of website development depends on the type of website. For a simple website of 7 – 10 pages, it costs around $2,500 to $5,000, while custom designed website of similar pages costs $4,500 to $8,500. To build a WordPress website, it takes $5,500 – $10,000.


What is Website Support and Maintenance?

Website maintenance refers to tasks that are crucial to a website functioning properly while regularly checking website issues, correcting those issues, and wisely making updates. Website maintenance covers areas such as security updates, plugins, and theme updates, content quality, backup and disaster recovery, loading speed, downtime prevention, user management, and support and maintenance plans.


12 Benefits of professional website support and maintenance

Overall, running a website without making continuous improvements and updates is out of the question. Well, a website can be maintained by a website owner themselves but switching to professionals would be the best decision. Here are the benefits of having professional website support and maintenance.


1. You stay updated, you stay ahead

Staying updated about technology is the trend set for this era. With website maintenance services, you can expect security updates, typically with security patches (essential in keeping your site safe from getting hacked.) Businesses that run their own web server can manually test and apply updates. For those using website hosting services( from a website host), a web service maintenance provider works on updating their core server software regularly and checks FTP service run on the server is up to date. WordPress Website Maintenance Services are usually regular; updates are done automatically, but in some circumstances, one may have to update manually.


2. Avoid downtime and errors

 Downtime is caused by server overload, malicious cyber attacks (DDoS), hardware and software issues, and human errors such as accidentally unplugging a cord when working with a server or improper code review. You can avoid downtime with professional website maintenance. When downtime errors are prevented, you will not have to deal with lost sales and a damaged reputation. Updates made by experienced professionals will certainly aid in minimizing or avoiding downtime. Not just downtime reduction but website maintenance services can offer uptime monitoring to make a website available when users try to access it. One of the prominent errors that can be found in a website is the HTML Code error. A trivial error could lead to a number of problems. Hence, a reliable website support and maintenance company inspects, finds and fixes issues related to HTML.  


3. Protect Your Brand

Self-respect is important before respecting anybody else; you can’t expect respect from customers if you, as an owner, do not respect your brand. Respect for the brand can be shown with continuous and necessary website updates. Also, trust is vital to maintain your customer relationship, and you will lose it if your website is not updated. A neglected website can lose its reputation for being old and unreliable. So, if you value your company, ensure to have a modern and responsive website. In that instance, website maintenance services can ensure your site’s uptime and maintain your brand identity.


4. Impress your site visitors

When you regularly maintain your website, visitors will have a better experience, and this will help in improving your SEO ranking. A well-maintained website can help you attract new consumers, increase revenue, and improve your online visibility. When brands get help from a professional website maintenance service, they can stay worry-free about the changes while also having happy visitors and customers.


5. Get your broken links fixed 

Sometimes website links can go bad, and in this situation, a resource you linked to earlier might disappear, and your webpage might become unavailable. This kind of scenario leads us to broken links. Any link that has no objective or does not lead to anything is called a broken link. Broken links are harmful to your website; hence monitoring of broken links monitoring can be a lifesaver. Getting rid of broken links means making end users happy and making your website appear great. So, in this condition, a website maintenance service company can offer support to fix these broken links; they can routinely check your website to identify any broken links, find them, and modify or remove them.


6. Have better website speed

 A page load time is the time taken to download and display the entire web content on a web page in the browser. A Good Average Page Load Speed (Time) is between 1 and 2 seconds. Page loading does affect the user experience and your search engine rankings. A slow website hikes the bounce rate and sends the message to Google that your website isn’t helpful to users.

But when you have website support and maintenance service, they would constantly and regularly check your website’s speed. They also take steps to improve website speed.


7. Strengthen your SEO game

Another great benefit of web maintenance services is a boost to SEO. SEO requires regularly checking your website and content performance. Just plain web content on your website will make no progress, and your dream to dominate Google on certain keywords would be difficult to fulfil. In this context, SEO experts, working with content writers, can optimise the content on the homepage, landing page, about us, or any other page and make them more SEO-friendly. Continuous monitoring of your website’s SEO is important to ensure that it is visible in search engines. On top of that, when your website is maintained and updated to make it favourable for seo, you can actually witness progress over time.


8. Enjoy better website security 

With website maintenance and support services, you can enjoy improved website security. Web security is certainly assured by security scanning, which is done to ensure a site is secure from any potential threats. In addition, the professionals regularly scan the website and protect both the website and its users from potential harm. Moreover, such scanning helps in improving the user experience. Also, website maintenance prevents malicious attacks, which can be done by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities like exposed plugins or missing security releases.


9. Access to Backup of your essential data

A backup helps prevent data loss and ensures you can restore your site if it’s ever hacked or corrupted. Losing a website’s essential files, such as images, pages, blog posts, and plugins, is painful to avoid, so you must make your backup options open.

In this context, website maintenance services ensure strong and automatic file and database backups as per the designated time on a weekly or monthly basis. Also, website maintenance services include Backup and Disaster Recovery, where the creation or updates of one or more copies of files are done and then stored in one or more remote locations, and these copies will be used to resume business operations if the business suffers data loss due to natural disaster, cyberattack, fire damage, and data corruption.


10. Focus On Your Core Business Area

Each business activity takes away time and money. Strengthening your core business can be hard as there are numerous distractions such as employee retention, compliance, environmental targets, etc. If you are having technical issues and trying to handle yourself, then it can certainly keep you away from meeting your core business goals.

Thus, hiring website maintenance services helps you avoid distractions; instead of handling the troubleshooting or fretting about the security, you can focus on doing core business and maintaining good relations with your customers. Hence, as a business, you must consider outsourcing as a part of your website support and maintenance strategy.


11. Have consistency on your website

Your website should stay consistent- both with technology and aesthetics. If your website doesn’t adapt to the updated web browsers, then your website may not look great. It is important to have a responsive website design, adapting to screen size and display on different devices. Also, when a website’s design is not uniform, then it can affect brand awareness. All in all, uniformly across all your pages is a must. Thus, when you hire website maintenance services they can promote website consistency.


12. Get Expert help when needed

Emerging businesses and SMBs may have a hard time as they have to handle everything themselves. For them spending more on getting support services can be hard. Even though such businesses try to multitask, they can never reach peak efficiency as a lack of expertise is found. What’s the point of saving money when you have to spend hours researching the fix for a site problem? So, you should acknowledge experts’ knowledge to bring out the best results for your company. In fact, professional website maintenance services save money and improve productivity. Also, website maintenance experts know the best tech practices to prevent issues and take good care of your website. On top of that, website maintenance experts offer customers a custom site maintenance plan.


What is a Website Maintenance Plan?

A website maintenance plan is simply an ongoing plan or a comprehensive guide used to maintain and improve a site’s performance. This includes analysing it for vulnerabilities, performing backups and software updates, monitoring its speed, and reporting changes. The website maintenance plan includes website performance, security, updates, backups, user experience, and content marketing. Further, the website support and maintenance plan also includes services such as email support, web hosting, SSL certification, etc. Developers, marketing staff, and security specialists are involved in creating a web maintenance plan. Those involved in making website maintenance plans use tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, FileZilla, Sucuri, etc.


What about the website maintenance package offered by the website maintenance company?

Website maintenance can be performed hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the complexity of your site. Regular website maintenance helps to protect your website safe from security breaches, slow site speed, or any other unpleasant activity that could harm your website. In most of the monthly maintenance packages for website services, software updates, the addition of new pages, removal of the existing webpage, security, database backup, support and management, updating of images and graphics, removing spam comments, and keeping the latest version of PHP are offered. In case of any issues, website maintenance companies have a support team that ensures necessary changes and updates to be made, installation of the latest security updates, and rigorous monitoring for suspicious activities.


What are website maintenance costs in Australia?

The website maintenance cost in Australia may vary as the cost depends on the size and complexity of your website and the number of pages to get regular updates. As per Expert Market, quality website maintenance packages in Australia range between $200 and $900 per month, depending on your desired services. However, those who use website builders may not need too many technical updates; they can make updates on an ongoing basis. 


NSWIT Support- The Ultimate Place for professional website development, support and maintenance services in Sydney, Australia

Whether to build a new website, keep your website fresh or just be involved in maintaining your website, we, NSW IT Support, are here for you. NSW IT Support is a reputed IT company in Sydney that also offers expert website development and website design services. We also deal with content updates, security updates, software updates, technical support, and other ongoing support services related to website maintenance.

With a team of professional and seasoned web developers, we help businesses make their websites up-to-date, secure, and healthy. In addition, our team is devoted to offering website maintenance services for your business of any kind.

To avail or to inquire more about our custom website maintenance plan and website maintenance faqs, kindly contact us.



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