Small businesses should focus on digital marketing, here are the 7 reasons WHY?

Small Business Digital Marketing

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In this age of easy access to the internet, would you believe us if we told you that the number of people who log on every day is still growing?

That is true. Pew Research reports that internet usage among adults has increased by 5% during the last three years. Though we say it a lot, the way people shop, and buy has changed with it – because of this, offline marketing is not as effective as it was.

The right place and the right time have always been crucial to connecting with your audience in marketing. That means reaching them online where they already spend their time.

We call this digital marketing – anything that is done online.

Often, we discuss with clients the effectiveness of inbound marketing when attracting, engaging, and delighting them online. People from all over the world still ask us questions about digital marketing. Here are some of those answers. For more information on digital marketing today, click on the links below or read.

So, what is digital marketing? Is it inbound marketing or outbound marketing?

Marketing online, or online marketing, is called digital marketing. Utilizing digital channels such as SEO, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Text and multimedia messages are also used to communicate.

Well, digital marketing is an entirely different concept from inbound and outbound marketing.

Digital marketing involves engaging customers in online places where they spend the most time. According to the best digital marketers, every digital marketing campaign should support the company’s primary goals. The free and paid channels available to marketers can be used in support of a more extensive marketing campaign, depending on the goals of their campaign.

Today, especially in 2022, digital marketing is imperative for brand awareness and business growth. Most brands have websites now.

At least one of the company’s marketing strategies involves social media. The consumer relies on digital marketing and content to learn about brands. Digital marketing lets you get creative on a budget like many choices and strategies are available.

You have an active physical marketing plan; you need to take it digitally by understanding the digital platforms.

Here, the role of each of the individual digital marketers is aligned. Firstly, the content marketer writes the post, while SEO experts feed in keywords to rank your site. Secondly, the social media marketer works toward promoting the post in every social media channel, while the email marketer creates a campaign for interested readers.

We say digital platforms are a more effective platform to approach customers at large, unlike the traditional marketing methods. Along with the customer target, the service is also cost-effective, allowing you to measure the success of your ad campaigns.

Benefits and usefulness of digital marketing for your business in Australia

Digital marketing experienced significant growth in 2021. As of 2022, it is predicted to beat those numbers. Digital marketing will be increasingly important in 2022, as discussed in this article.

There is a great deal of scope in digital marketing. According to digital marketing statistics, approximately 60% of the world’s population uses the internet. Due to the pandemic, many businesses went online and grew by 20%.

Considering its broad reach, visibility, and measurable results, it is evident that it is the most popular form of marketing. This trend is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

Let us begin by reviewing the pre-Covid era. Over 95% of Australia’s economy is made up of small businesses. Many of these small to mid-sized companies were highly skeptical when it came to technology.

However, when Covid-19 struck, adaptation was needed. A digital transformation occurred overnight in the business world – change is a constant necessity for effective evolution. Five-nine per cent of these companies increased their digital marketing efforts and completed digital marketing tasks that had previously seemed impossible.

Additionally, they saved on several traditional marketing expenses while delivering more results. People say that COVID-19 has permanently changed operations and the workings of many organizations. Cloud-based services save businesses valuable time while also improving their outcomes.

Small and large businesses must be aware of the benefits of digital marketing.

If you only work locally, you can only attract a small group of customers. Online, you can reach a much larger group of customers. You can get a global audience economically scalable and measurable way through digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing has the following key benefits:

  • You can better understand your customers by interacting with them and learning what they want! 
  • Because digital technology has no geographical boundaries, you can reach anyone anywhere 
  • You can personalize your digital marketing to reach the right audience at the right time 
  • Engage your prospects at each step in the buying process 
  • Reduce costs and grow sales  
  • Create brand loyalty by getting to know your audience.  
  • Measure results instantly and efficiently based on your marketing efforts.

How can a small business start a digital marketing campaign?

If it is your first time using digital marketing for your business, the possibilities seem endless. It may appear more complex due to the variety of platforms and digital marketing terms.

Small companies may feel they lack the resources or time to complete online. Due to this, many companies take a conservative approach to the market, sticking to one or two traditional forms of advertising, assuming their business will evolve with time.

Most businesses compete in today’s market, and customers will struggle to find your company if you are not visible where they spend their time. Over 4.6 billion internet users worldwide use the internet for various purposes: as per the Digital 2021: Global Overview Report, 60% of the global population access the internet.

It is ineffective to delay building an online presence. Global marketing the campaign combined with targeted advertising will increase your business’s likelihood of success.

Check out your competitors’ online activities.

You should pay attention to your competitors’ activities and learn from them if you want your business to succeed. Remember that your competitors are not people to beat but people to learn from.

You can learn what is working for your competitors by studying what they are doing online. Competitors always have a web presence, regardless of the type of business you run. Does the company have a blog, do they promote videos, or do they use video content?

Is their brand communicated effectively, and what makes them different? Are they engaging their audience successfully? Is there anything you can do better?

Performing research on your competitors is an excellent way to learn what they are doing.

Are they concerned with keywords, do they use influencers to drive traffic, and what platforms do they use?

Digital marketing is among the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Start-ups and small businesses strive to do as much marketing as possible on a budget.

Your advertising budget can be stretched further by advertising online and you can refine your target audience. You can set a daily budget for a segment of your audience interested in your brand or ethos with social media, which is particularly good. The most crucial benefit of this feature is that it allows you to exclude customers who would never buy from you!

It is essential to select the social media platform that will work best for your brand when advertising on social media. If you are not trying to generate B2B interest, do not pick TikTok or advertise on LinkedIn simply because it is trending.

Look for social channels based on demographics and run some simple experiments to determine what messages and content work and how you can improve them.

Digital Marketing: Why is it beneficial for business?


In 2019, there were 4.3 billion active internet users worldwide. From January 2018, this figure increased by about 9%. It will convince you that digital marketing has more potential customers if you look at it.

Exposure is the key to finding customers for your business, and the online market has the best potential.

Understandably, people want to learn more about your business after hearing about it. Consequently, they try to find out if you exist online.

You may lose your appeal if people cannot find information about you online.


Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is cheaper. A conventional marketing budget may not be enough for a business with limited resources.

Flyers are even time-consuming and expensive for a company to print.

However, your small business can get started right away with digital marketing. If you are interested, you can experiment with any of the types of digital marketing mentioned above after conducting some research.


Whether it is free or paid, the internet is viewed by many businesses as a more reliable source of advertising. Because most of your customers are accessible online, there can be an increased return on investment.

It is important to identify your target audiences to plan your strategy for converting those leads into customers.

They are doing it too, YOUR COMPETITORS.

Your competitors are doing the same thing. In addition, they are increasing traffic to their website and establishing themselves online.

Maintaining a competitive edge cannot be overstated. Utilize your knowledge to make your website more customer-friendly than your competitors’.

For online marketing platforms, marketing professionals use digital marketing tools available online. They can spy on competitors by using these tools. Discover how their brand is being implemented through all their strategies.


Another reason to create relationships with your customers is to incorporate digital marketing.

Digital marketing is primarily concerned with customer service. Marketers engage customers by answering questions, resolving issues about products, and converting them into repeat buyers.

Your business will benefit from building a good relationship with your audience.


Your business will benefit from digital marketing by building a relationship. By marketing your business, you can show your customers what your company is made of and how you can help them.


Due to its higher conversion rate and return on investment, digital marketing has higher revenue than traditional marketing.

Furthermore, digital marketing can help you promote your brand for less money.

Are you looking for a way to generate leads with your website? You would like to test your results by creating a Facebook campaign. Developing an understanding of digital marketing and its benefits to your business is the first step to achieving these goals. Connect with us, for every digital marketing service you are seeking in New South Wales.



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