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Windows 7: 2020 Demands Heartfelt Goodbye For Better!

“Cyber security experts urges Windows 7 users to update their operating system.”

Windows 7 support finally concludes. After the continuous 10 years of support, Microsoft has stopped giving access of every existing features to its users. The Windows 7 fails to support security updates and patches to maintain the software security. Which means even though the hackers seek a golden opportunity to exploit software bugs in which Windows is no longer fix the patch. It’s time for Windows 10/8. 

Well, the on-site support from the Windows is sure to budge its users. Absence of security update and software Windows 7 machines are sure to get infected with virus and malware. Running a machine with no after service would further exploit the flaws in a widespread manner and hence the chances of being attacked grows rapidly.  Therefore, Microsoft encourage its users to go for the higher version.

“Running an unpatched machine means that the flaws in the code will never be fixed and as exploits for those flaws become known and widespread, your chances of being successfully attacked grow very rapidly- Rik Ferguson, Vice President of security research at Trend Micro.”


Why to upgrade the existing Windows 7 OS?

Like said earlier, the Windows 7 no longer supports security update. Hence, with the passing time the product is sure to become a complete obsolete. Besides that, additional features in Windows 8/10 could hold you back technically. So here are the reason why one should upgrade the existing Windows 7 OS?


  1. Metro UI- No start button

Windows 8/10 has no ‘Start Menu’. People who hated the start button in Windows 7 now can enjoy the Metro UI. As stated by the Microsoft, the software giant assured its user to take them back to the desktop era with a default setting of UI interface. While in Windows 10, the start up menu has new Window apps which got replaced by the Universal Windows Platform apps.


  1. Simplified Task Manager

A task manager which gives out the info of running apps and processes. Accidentally lost a file which you have been personally working for hours? Well, you can simply search in the task menu, retrieve it and alongside you get a nicely split lists of application with a map of CPU and memory usage.


  1. The changed Windows Explorer

Windows 8/10 has completely re imagined with a new UI look, which can be clearly seen. Well, can we say the ribbon interface from Office 2007 and Office 2010 is back with all kinds of modification?


  1. Improvements to Copy, Rename, Move and Delete

These are four basic operations which are used on a daily basis. In the past years, these four-operation remained same for years and in every windows version. But in Windows 8/10 they did get improvised. When you copy stuff around you consolidate to a single dialogue. Now in the new feature you can pause and copy the operations.


  1. Fast Start-Up Mode

Windows has been consistently fixing the Bot issues with the best suitability of hibernation and sleep. Unfortunately, these had their own set of issues. In Windows 8/10 the new fast start up mode is a combination of hibernation and cold boot plus, this means restarting your PC without getting it fully restarted. Every time you close you get a fresh restarted session.


  1. Re-engineered Bot Experience

Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, are the only options you get as advanced options with a primitive look of DoS command prompt.  With windows 8/10 everything has changed. The boot experience you get in new version Window is somewhat similar to the iOS 5 with the accessibility to join wireless network and setting function.


  1. Plug in Free Browsing

The IE 11 is wholly favouring HTML 5. In Windows 8 the users can switch to Desktop mode while using Adobe Flash for a site. While in Windows 10, IE has been replaced with Windows Edge. This is a paradigm shift for the entire Internet.


  1. Sign in using Microsoft Account

With Windows 8/10 you can Sign in using your own Microsoft account have your own file credentials, settings, app listed in your favourites. You can log in to your Microsoft account from any desktop and get hold of the files and folders. You can purchase extra storage or one drive to store the files and important data including iPad, iPhone and other Android devices.


Additional Reasons to update Windows 7

  1. Microsoft ending support service

As Microsoft has already made an announcement of closing its technical assistance for Windows 7 any issues related to security or ransomware won’t be resolved. Even after knowing the fast, you are still running Windows 7 system, you company is sure to become a solo victim of hacks, viruses, malware, attacks and other potential security flaws that could cost you millions to get it back.


  1. Prevention of Ransomware

Computers operating in older version of Windows are highly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Windows 10 and other succeeding OS has a feature to thwart ransomware from locking up the users work to accessing personal documents.


  1. Strong malware tool

For a stronger malware security tools, Window 10 is a best defender, as it comes with Windows Defender Exploit Guard, which scans and removes potential threats and risk. In addition to ransomware it includes other tools such as zero-day attacks, malicious program prevention and keeps the infected files to quarantine to prevent the spread of infected computer programs. The succession OS package of Windows are sophisticated, cloud-based service, or managing security threats across the Window business platform.


  1. Safer Web Browsing

Windows 10 are available for professional and enterprise level. The OS makes you known of the edge browser inside the virtual machine. If your employees are visiting any malicious sites it would prevent it from getting damaged or it would confine it inside a virtual machine.


  1. Keeping up with the contacts in Task bar

As windows 7 has become an obsolete it just refrains the user from using the latest features such as “My People Feature” that would allow you to pin business contacts as shortcut icons on Windows task bar. You can pin up to 10 contacts and make immediate video calls or email instantly.


  1. Effective and efficient updates of Windows 10

Unified Update Platform (UUP), a technology feature in the Windows update tool which significantly streamlines the overall update process.  UUP figures out the needed changes to Windows 10 and download every specific update.  It makes you stay away from large package downloads. The UUP reduces the download size of the Windows update by 35 per cent by creating a store space.


  1. Configuration of business computers

The auto pilots in Windows 10 lets you set a system configuration allowing you to download files from the cloud on the business Windows. For an example, an employee can buy a new computer and connect to office network which would automatically get configured on the appropriate business setting. The system configuration can be tailored as per employee’s requirement. The Windows 10 feature manages, sets and configures the business features easily, securely and quickly.


  1. Sync your personal and business computers

The new Windows 10 timeline features save snapshots of the used Windows applications. By using the task view icon, you select the snapshot and continue to work on the remaining. These snapshots get synced across Window 10 computers.

“Microsoft promised its 10 years of support for Windows 7 after it was released in 2009.”  Now its time to upgrade the Windows 7 operating System and go for Windows 8/10. Explore the better Windows version and get a secured support from Microsoft. For more Windows support contact NSW IT!

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