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Limit Slapped on 5G Spectrum auction: NBN, Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, TPG face limits

On July 16, 2018, Posted by , In Business,News, With 1 Comment

In the upcoming Turnbull government auction of 5G spectrum, all the existing telco companies will be given a spectrum slab. The limit is levied to make sure that every telenetwork can purchase 5G spectrum instead of giving the entire spectrum to rivals and kick off its 5G plans.  Growing mobile usage has made it difficult for…

5G Spectrum ready to pull off Huawei from the Australian Market

On July 12, 2018, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

After the intelligent agencies raised questions on the security of sensitive data, Australia is planning to ban Huawei from distributing its technology for its planned 5G network. Reason for such is to prevent Chinese telco from handing over private data to the Chinese government. For years, western intelligence has raised questions on the silent collaboration of…

Melbourne, new home for Google, seeks more opportunity in Victorian city

On July 12, 2018, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

Google’s first Victorian office is officially established in Melbourne. The presence of Google in Melbourne is likely to enhance and support cloud computing service, policy, sales, and marketing. Further, the new establishment of Google is set to create employment for 100 tech workers in Australia with the possibility of progressive growth.   While Sean McDonnell, Google’s site lead in Melbourne spoke…

How to create video by using Microsoft POWERPOINT

On July 11, 2018, Posted by , In Microsoft,Tools, With No Comments

A great VIDEO without any hassle can be framed by using PowerPoint. Customized comprehensive video can be made immediately in just a few minutes with powerpoint slides. General reasons for creating a video is to either publish it in social media or create a video content on YouTube. With the help of PowerPoint, you can make a video in…

Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise: which is the best suited office package for any business?

On July 11, 2018, Posted by , In Business,Microsoft,tips, With No Comments

Windows 8 downturn surely needed Microsoft to get back its original fame and Windows 10 proved to be an instant solution for it. Introduced in July 2015, Windows 10 became an immediate success fixing issues of Windows 8 including migration problem, easing up the learning curve and supporting proprietor hardware. Windows 10 was designed to make the business…

Microsoft Surface Go! Launched aims to compete with Apple’s iPad

On July 11, 2018, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

Starting with just $599, Microsoft yesterday announced the cheapest and affordable Surface Product till date. Compact 10-inch device, weighing 520g, Surface Go promises to deliver nine continuous hours of battery backup. Designed and portrait for students, Surface Go can easily render the pages of school text books.  Microsoft Surface Go is powered by 7th gen Intel 4415Y, offering 8GB/4GB RAM with 256GB/128GB/64GB storage. The laptop…

Reasons why Cloud Migration is the ‘Future’ of every Enterprise

On July 10, 2018, Posted by , In Industrial, With No Comments

It’s not a sole issue of an enterprise, precisely, Managed IT service is an issue faced by every employer when managing employee’s mobility, bandwidth, and security. These problems though seem to be a minor one, it can create a considerable amount of impact on the organization’s prosperity and success. Past few years cloud…

Splunk platform used by Vodafone to standardise its IT operations

On July 10, 2018, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

For better uptime, Vodafone is speeding up to unify its IT operations via Splunk tools for better learning and to avoid data loss incidents. The major reason of inculcating Splunk platform is to uncomplicate the IT mechanism and stand distinctly in the market. Vodafone over past years has strongly monitored…

Thousands of Users Personal Details & Payment hacked from Ticketmaster Website

On July 9, 2018, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

One of the largest ticketing group, Ticketmaster immediately began to contact its Australian customers after its data containing clients personal bank account and private details got hacked worldwide. As a warning, the company has asked its user to change their password and credit card details. More than forty thousand British…

Get A Closer Look on AI, Google invites press on its public testing of Duplex AI!

On July 8, 2018, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

Google introduces duplex Artificial Intelligence to place phone calls on a natural voice instead of a robotic one. The newer version of AI is developed to book appointments and make business phone calls. Though the AI was launched on May, the testing trail began from Wednesday i.e. July 27, 2018….