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FAQ - NSW IT Support

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10 questions most frequently asked

What is the purpose of IT service companies? 

n addition to the term IT services provider, other synonyms for these companies include Managed Service Provider (MSP), IT consultants, etc. 

There’s a wide variety of them! 

As a network service provider, your business’s entire network is kept running. IT service providers can handle all your technology needs, including end-user support, server management, cloud data storage, network infrastructure planning, and cybersecurity.

A managed service provider can handle all of your technology challenges for you. 

The costs associated with having a small team of overworked in-house IT specialists tasked with solving every glitch can be lower with remote IT support. It’s just a phone call away, on-site support when needed, and IT budgeting and planning specialist’s access. 

Alternatively, you may decide to supplement your existing team of IT experts with outside resources you cannot source in-house, a service offered as “co-managed IT.” 

Does your company support the "XYZ" application?

Ans: The truth is that we are capable of supporting any and every application associated with your business. Since we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and have experience with various software packages, we’ve likely worked with the one you’re using. 

What is managed IT services, and why should I use them?

Ans: Efficiencies, downtime, cybersecurity, and improved cost predictability all benefit from a proactive approach to IT management regardless of the business size or industry. 

Is the NSW IT responsible for managing my IT assets, including hardware and software?

Ans: The answer is yes. The NSW manages IT assets using a proactive approach, including managing the hardware life cycle and ensuring software licensing and patches are current. 

Managed infrastructure services: what are they?

Ans: Managed IT infrastructure services cover the entire enterprise infrastructure, from managing communication systems and databases to managing a data centre environment and cloud applications (IaaS). Many managed IT infrastructure service providers employ IT, professionals, such as programmers and enterprise architects. 

What is your pricing structure?

Ans: The pricing structure we use is simple and based on per-user. The price you pay per user will cover the complete troubleshooting, updates, and maintenance needed for each person within your organization, regardless of how many devices they own. Additionally, this includes recruiting, setting up new employees, and much more. 

How long does the typical onboarding process take?

Ans: A successful onboarding process can seem daunting to any business, but it can be relatively straightforward with an experienced MSP. 

Our implementation managers have simplified the setup process to the maximum extent possible to set up your network for remote hosting and troubleshooting as straightforward as possible. 

Does NSW IT support provide after-hours emergency support?

Ans: Yes, NSW IT provides 7x24x 365 support. 

 What should we do if our company has its own IT department?

Ans: Great, no problem! Your internal teams can handle your business’s internal operations on a day-to-day basis. Meanwhile, we will handle the technical advice, advanced IT security, and support of the applications. 

What is the cost of the basic IT service for SMEs?

Ans: You can expect to pay a different price for different kinds of managed IT services. 

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