IT Infrastructure Upgrade and Management Services

With fully certified advanced technology, NSW IT SUPPORT provides hardware and software upgrading and maintaining service so that your organisation can deploy dynamic infrastructure to thrive closer to its objectives. Our consulting services and excellent practices has allowed the IT sector in business to span, integrate and manage streamlined solution properly.  

NSW IT SUPPORT’s specialist offers professional guidance allowing a business to explore and integrate new technologies. We provide right mix solution including cost factor, risk factor and service factor in your plan. We solve every business problem from back up service, storage service, infrastructure service, end-point management, government solutions and infrastructure services. 

Services offered by NSW IT SUPPORT service:

  • Hardware and software upgrading to cope with the high performance of scale for every business. 
  • Reporting and monitoring of hardware. 
  • Network upgrading with network integration. 
  • Release suitable hardware and software solutions. 
  • Configure and keep a record of all assets. 
  • Firewall installation, configuration, VPNs branch office connectivity and firmware updates. 
  • Supply update hardware and software. 
  • Assist in configuring equipment’s and provide training on its usage. 
  • Deliver advice on software licensing and agreement. 
  • Efficiently and swiftly procure software and hardware. 
  • 24/7 availability of help desk service. 


  • Control of buying power: We have partnered with several major vendors inside and outside Australia. We bring you an extensive range of products (hardware & software) at a competitive rate. 
  • Compliance and License: We have experts in our team who are certified & experienced people in software licensing and who will only guide you to acquire software you need. 
  • Online Tech Store: We have our tech store “MY TECH SHOP” where there are thousands of IT-related products of more than 80 plus brands. Yes, we are a one shop stop! 
  • Reduction in investment: We make sure your existing hardware is in good shape and are running smoothly. We make the most of your existing hardware before asking you to replace it. 
  • Assembling service: Bring your hardware (desktop, laptops) straight to NSW IT SUPPORT house. Our engineers will make assemble it and make it ready for your use. 
  • Asset management: Our tracking systems integrate with your service plan for lifecycle management solution and integrated asset tracking. 

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