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Educational organizations such as pre-school, primary school, high school, and colleges try to reap maximum value from computer and technology investments, so they seek for proper guidance, planning, and recommendations to yield more in future. NSW IT Support offers tailored service to education sectors which is customized and designed according to academic strategic initiatives, budget requirements, and overall objectives. Our managed services cater numerous benefits for academic’s overall IT strategy. 

IT systems require technical competency which goes beyond the ability of a normal service provider. Most of the schools and colleges are not technology equipped. Neither they are IT related institutes who take expertise steps in maintaining IT standards in their organizations. Therefore, such kind of institutes adapts sustainable technologies which are in fact inefficient, destructive, and expensive in nature. With the inclining technology costs and system complexity, educational institutes are counting on experts to manage their technology requirement in a cost-effective manner. 


What does NSW IT offer to Educational Institutes, in IT services?

  • We deliver and install required hardware and software at an extremely reasonable price. 
  • As we are the certified partner of Microsoft, we offer Microsoft Office 365 package (A1,A2, A3) to Educational sector at a reasonable rate. 
  • We also assist and provide training to the staff to operate software’s and hardware’s. 
  • As we are the partner of renowned brands like Dell, we offer laptops, desktops to students, colleges, schools and universities at a decent price. 
  •  To interconnect the department of educational institutes we offer IVR with call forwarding, auto attending services. 
  • We cater to overall requirement of wireless services from installation to network upgrading to microwave solutions. 
  • Robust network connectivity (Adsl2+, fibre, NBN,EFM) to support scalability in education system. 
  • Create digitalize education system throughout the educational institutes. 
  • Cloud solutions with network privacy and security. 
  • Offer overall communication issues of academic by providing a PBX line, or VoIP service or Virtual number or Toll-free number. 
  • Design software with technology solutions depending on educational institutes. 
  • Data back up and disaster recovery service with Storage craft and Veeam to prevent data loss in future. 
  • 24/7/365 help desk availability. 


Advantages of out sourcing NSW IT SUPPORT for Educational Institutes, in NSW Australia:

Focus on Your Core service:

Transfer all your technology initiatives to NSW IT Support and focus solely on your core service i.e. educating students. Don’t waste time researching on technology solutions instead we’ll take the responsibility of implementing new technology, and fixing every technical issue. 

Reduce Support Costs:

Never worry about employing an IT personnel bearing the expense of training, employment taxes, and medical insurance; with NSW IT Support exclude these long-term expenses! 

Increase Productivity and Service Quality:

Technology improves productivity by facilitating communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. To do this, technology must be properly designed, implemented, and maintained. 

Gain Experience and Increase Technical Abilities:

By utilizing external IT professionals, we provide you with overall IT assistance with technical professional support. Our professional team has more than 15 years of experience and are trained certified personnel. 

Staff Adaptation:

Adapt quickly and efficiently to make your school a digitalized school.  

Proactive Support and Maintenance:

Proactive support and maintenance increases system performance, security, and reliability. NSW IT Support implements best practices and regular upkeep, it reduces support issues and increases productivity, decreased support expenses, and minimal downtime. 

Up-To-Date Technology Trends

NSW IT Support helps your schools obtain maximum efficiency and enhance student learning experience process through latest technology, recommended by experts. 

Peace on Mind

Your technology is always operational, reliable, and secure with NSW IT Support which ultimately gives you peace on mind. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain a complete understanding of your technology environment with full reporting along with recommendations on technical matters addressed at your school. 

To avail services for NSW IT SUPPORT, kindly contact us at 1300 138 600 or e-mail us at info@nswits.com.au .