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Business NBN

$99 /month
Typical 100/40 Mbps Speed
  • Business NBN services include:
  • Unlimited Data
  • Static IP
  • Contract Option
  • Flexibility
  • Medium Business
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Local Support
  • Setup Cost $299
  • Gigabyte Router
  • Configuration

Business NBN Pro

$169 /month
4G Internet Backup Included
  • Business NBN Pro services include:
  • Unlimited Data NBN
  • Static IP
  • Contract Option
  • Flexibility
  • 50GB 4G Internet
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Local Support
  • Setup Cost $499
  • (includes)
  • Dual Wan Gigabyte Router
  • 4G Router
  • Configuration

Business Fibre

Max 1000Mbps
$799 /month
Enjoy Upto 1000Mbps Speed
  • Business Fibre services include:
  • Unlimited Data
  • Static IP
  • Contract Option
  • Flexibilty
  • Good For Enterprise
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Local Support
  • Setup Cost $999
  • Includes
  • Dual Wan Gigabyte Router
  • Configuration

NBN Bundle

Max 100/40Mbps
$149 /month
Comes with VOIP Telephony
  • NBN Bundle services include:
  • Unlimited Data/Calls
  • 2 Line 2 DIDs Telephony
  • 4 Extension 2 AU Numbers
  • Static IP
  • Contract Option
  • Flexibility
  • Hosted PBX Features
  • Mobile App*
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Local Support
  • Includes
  • Dual Wan Gigabyte Router
  • Configuration

Business Starter

$59 /Month
2 Line, 2 DIDs Upto 2 Extensions
  • Business Starter services include:
  • Upto 2 Cuncurrent Calls
  • Full PBX Features
  • Includes 2 AU Numbers
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • Free Desktop And Mobile App
  • No Setup/Hidden Charges

Business Advanced

$149 /Month
4 line, 4 DIDs Upto 5 Extensions
  • Business Advanced services include:
  • Upto 4 Cuncurrent Calls
  • Full PBX Features
  • Includes 2 AU Numbers
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • Free Desktop And Mobile App
  • No Setup/Hidden Charges

Business Ultimate

$249 /Month
10 line, 10 DIDs Upto 15 Extensions
  • Business Ultimate services include:
  • Upto 10 Cuncurrent Calls
  • Full PBX Features
  • Includes 10 AU Numbers
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • Free Desktop And Mobile App
  • No Setup/Hidden Charges

Custom Plans

$*** /Month
Any Line, Any DIDs with Any Extensions
  • Business Ultimate services include:
  • Cuncurrent Calls
  • Full PBX Features
  • Includes AU Numbers
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • Free Desktop And Mobile App

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Find answers and solutions to common IT issues. If you cant find an answer, contact us and we will be happy to help.

What actually does Business Internet Plan mean?

Business Internet plans are for people with a business. Businesses depend on a fast, reliable connection to monitor sales, chase staff hours, and much more. When connection or security fails, the business holds high opportunity cost. Business internet plans target to offer reliability and speed, additionally a dedicated support team to help out your business before it gets into problems.  

Is business internet reliable, speedy than residential internet?

In comparison to the residential internet, business internet plan is a faster and reliable one. Business internet has more benefits and features than residential plans and is ordinarily accessible at way faster speed with better upload & download, which gives businesses an uninterrupted internet service, and 24/7 support service.  

Why NSW IT support business internet plan for your business?

NSW IT support internet plan for your business helps to run your business smoothly without any interruption. The plans are affordable and reliable suitable for SMEs & large corporation. One can choose the internet plans & package as per the requirement. We get in touch with the clients to let the team stay connected irrespective of their location. NSW IT offers various services which include bandwidth, network security, dedicated lines, round the clock support, scalability, easy setup and configuration.  

Any suitable package for my business?

Your business needs reliable internet service for long term business sustainability. Apart from affordability, great internet service is also equally important. So, we recommend the business to choose business internet packages with, 

Dedicated bandwidth: Stable, consistent, and faster internet speed 

Multipath redundancy: 24 x 7 steady network connectivity 

End-to-end SLA: Dedicated uptime, latency, and packet loss 

Uncongested core: Lowest latency and packet drop 

Does internet provider include statistic IP in the plan?

Yes, it does! All NSW IT business internet plans include a static (fixed) IP address. This is indeed useful for connecting equipment outside your property. However, the static IP is only available after the activation of the service.  

What is the time period for internet installation?

Our technician will set a time and appointment for the installation. NSW IT Support for business internet installation will take up two working days or even less. 

Any minimum fees charged upon cancellation of service?

Penalties are normally charged when you cancel the internet plan within 24 hours of installation. However, after using the service for months, no minimum fees shall be levied upon the termination of service. So, we request the users to check the terms and conditions before taking up the service.  

Can I change my business internet service plan?

You can change your business internet plan. You can go for plans which further adds value to your business.  


Is stable internet must for VOIP system?

Yes, a proper internet connection with reliability is a must for VOIP service. For VOIP, we suggest the business owners take up a business plan for speed and reliability in VOIP service as even for a casual VOIP call the required internet is on an average of 64kbps.  

Can I add VOIP in the existing landline?

Yes, you can quickly bring landline across the VoIP by this you can allow your customers to port their phone numbers.  

What exact amount of data does VOIP use?

VOIP services are now more common. The data consumption of VOIP depends, on an average of 0.5 MB per minute. This number varies and depends on the technology and internet plans employed by the VOIP provider.  

Which VOIP plan is suitable for my business?

If you have business spread across the Australian continent and outside than we suggest the enterprise to take up customized VOIP business plan, but if you have a small business then we suggest you take up VOIP plans suiting your business requirements.  

Do I need a proper phone system to make VoIP phone calls?

Not exactly! VOIP works by converting voice into digital data by sending it through your internet connection. VOIP enables routine phone calls via the internet with all of the options such as PBX features, call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, and many more.

What are the circumstances if my VoIP Network goes down?

Well, that is a significantly less possibility as we shall build a resilience route in the system. So that whenever there is an internet failure, the call gets diverted to stated mobile number or voicemail.  

Do I need to change my internet service to use a VoIP phone system?

Well, not exactly. If your existing business internet is slow and is already causing trouble, then you can change the internet service provider (ISP). Likewise, taking the service from the same vendor reduces your cost and will give you support service whenever you need it.  

How much duration will it take to switch over the VoIP network?

Usually, phone number porting takes around 2-4 weeks. But in the meantime, you get to access the inbound and outbound calls in your phone. But when taking service from an efficient team, the service usually takes less than two weeks.  


Which e-commerce platform DOES NSWITS use?




Will you provide consulting for the marketing section of the e-commerce store?

Yes, we do! We provide marketing ideas and strategies that get collaboratively implemented, can drag more traffic to your eCommerce, boost repeat purchase, and increase conversion rate. Here are the few effective advise for eCommerce strategies 

  • Create a mobile-friendly 
  • eCommerce website 
  • Capture more email subscribers 
  • Upgrade your email campaigns 
  • Send wish list reminder emails 
  • Start a content marketing program 
  • Implement social media marketing 
  • Set target on industry benchmarks 

Do we face any conflict while managing our e-commerce store?

No, you do not face any conflict, but professional guidance will help your eCommerce flourish. We have dedicated team for the eCommerce and provide services in, 

  • SEO (On-page & off-page) 
  • Digital marketing  
  • Integration of sales channels 
  • Integrated CRM  
  • Managed Website service   
  • IT consultancy service  
  • Business internet plans & more 

What is the preferred CMS for the e-commerce store?

A CMS is a dedicated software used for content management. It contributes to creating, editing, and publish content on your website. Here is the list of the CMS platforms for eCommerce that you can use to develop eCommerce stores: 

  • WordPress 
  • BigCommerce 
  • Joomla 
  • Drupal 
  • Shopify  
  • Opencart 
  • Wix 
  • Prestashop 

What are the viable options for payment gateways?

There are many options for a payment gateway that you can use for your eCommerce. A few of the most recommended ones are, 

  • Stripe
  • Paypal

What is the total cost for eCommerce website development?

The cost of the websites depends on your business needs and features. These websites must be user-friendly in both iOS and Android, so, the website demands a professional work. The costs of the website vary on the eCommerce module. 

How long does it take to develop a website?

A normal website will take at least 14 weeks from beginning to launch. Hence, it adds three weeks discovery, six weeks design, three weeks earliest development, and two weeks of modifications. It could take a longer time if you wait to start an eCommerce business.