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IT systems are a critical part of every education & educational organization.

Educational organizations such as pre-school, primary school, high school, and colleges require a maximum value from computer and technology investments with guidance, planning, and recommendations for the future. NSW IT Support’s tailored service to education sectors is customized and designed to your strategic initiatives, budget requirements, and overall objectives. Our managed services provide numerous benefits to your organization’s overall IT strategy.

IT systems require technical competence beyond the ability of many current school personnel. Most schools are not technology related organizations, which makes sustaining an internal technology department inefficient, distracting, and expensive. With technology costs rising, and systems becoming more complex, schools are turning to experts to manage their technology environments.

Focus on Your Core service

Transfer all technology initiatives to NSW IT Support and focus solely on your core service–educating students. Don’t waste time researching technology solutions, implementing new technology, and fixing technical issues, let us take care of it!

Reduce Support Costs

Never worry about hiring your own IT personnel and expenses such as vacation time, training, employment taxes, and medical insurance; with NSW IT Support these expenses are gone!

Increase Productivity and Service Quality

Technology improves productivity by facilitating communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing throughout the school. However, the underlying technology must be properly designed, implemented, and maintained.

Gain Experience and Increase Technical Abilities

Utilizing external IT professionals provides you with an entire company full of technology professionals as opposed to the limited knowledge of an internal staff. Our technology professionals have over 15 years of experience and are trained on the latest technologies at no cost to you.

Staff Adaptation

Adapt quickly and efficiently to your school growth or economic downturn.

Proactive Support and Maintenance

Proactive support and maintenance increase system performance, security, and reliability. When NSW IT Support implements best practices and regular upkeep, it reduces support issues for increased productivity, decreased support expenses, and minimal downtime.

Up-To-Date Technology Trends

NSW IT Support helps your schools obtain maximum efficiency and enhance the student learning process through the latest technology, recommended by the experts.

Peace of Mind

Your technology is always operational, reliable, and secure with NSW IT Support. We provide the peace of mind of knowing an entire company of highly trained and experienced technology professionals manages your systems.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain a complete understanding of your technology environment along with full reporting on recommendations or technical matters addressed in your school.