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IT Infrastructure Upgrade and Management Services

IT Infrastructure Upgrade servicesIT is increasingly important for almost all organizations nowadays, even if it is not a crucial part of their business. Perhaps your recent IT infrastructure may not provide the high level support that you require. In order to grow and develop your organization or company, you may have to face a challenges order from poor security to slow system. These problems may also consume your valuable time and create more complicated situation.

What is IT Infrastructure?

There might be a different definition for each person or IT organizations of IT Infrastructure upgrade, what we believe is the following definitions are more acceptable:

“IT Infrastructure is the mixed pack of the systems, equipment, services, support and software that used by any companies or organizations.”

Our IT Infrastructure upgrade service

Server upgrade

Outdated, slow, unreliable servers are real pain for business, this is not the only thing they can impact the performance for like every user, they also can create a potential security issues or risk, and when they do your entire organization will have to pay the cost of that impact.

We provide a complete peace of mind server upgrade and installation service. Our experience in upgrading or replacement of server will make sure that you get all compatible latest applications and file structure that you had in your old server.

Still running Windows server 2003?

Microsoft ceased support for windows server 2003 on 14th July 2015. Please contact our support consultant to plan and migrate the server. We are backed by Microsoft as a Silver partner.

Desktop Upgrade

NSW IT Support offers a complete range of desktop PC deployment, repair and upgrade service. If your office desktop PC runs very slow and older than three years, it is timed to upgrade your PC. Our team of experienced technician and engineers provide desktop upgrade and installation service according to your requirement.

When we upgrade, we make sure you get all the applications and data back in new PC as it was in your old PC and works faster than before.