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IT Support For Small Business

Whether, you are a sole trader or small businesses with few employees, NSW IT Support, can provide affordable service to all of your business IT requirements.

Small business owners need the help of an IT because whatever projects they have, they need the latest communication tools, based on IT. Below tools are some of them.

Active Inbox
This inbox allows you to organize your tasks. Small business owners like it.

Asana is a great tool to organize and stay up-to-date on projects. Through this, you can assign tasks to team members, or you can assign task by yourself. It also has a function that will let you to add tasks.

Google Calendar
Google Calendar helps business owners – and workers to stay focus on what needs to be done and helps them to have a better understanding of exactly how much time is needed to complete a task. Plus, it can be shared with coworkers, so that everyone can see what the others are doing.

Google Keep
This simple, straightforward app can help you to keep track of many projects.

Nimble is a popular social CRM app, which allows you to add all the contacts.

In the competitive world of business, all you have to do is to ensure you have the right tools for successful project management collaboration, documentation, execution and communication.

These days, even a small business has a presence on social media. It can negatively impact your business if you make one (or more) of these business social media mistakes.

Setting up a page and then not posting anything
“Not only does this send a message to potential customers that you don’t care, sometimes people see it and think that you’re not in business anymore.”

Not having a posting on schedule
When you post consistently, on a regular schedule, it makes it easier for your audience to follow you.
“Your business social media page should educate customers about your business.