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In today’s digital landscape, businesses and individuals alike are increasingly relying on cloud hosting services to meet their computing and storage needs. Many cloud servers, like Google Cloud Hosting, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, offer businesses and organisations a wide range of services.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, the third most popular cloud provider in the cloud infrastructure services market is Google, with a market share of 10% in the cloud market. Google Cloud Hosting has emerged as a leading global cloud service provider, offering a wide range of advantages that make it a preferred choice for organisations of all sizes. In this article, we will explore the top ten advantages of using Google Cloud Hosting, highlighting why it has become a go-to solution for many businesses around the world.

What is Google Cloud Hosting?

Google Cloud Hosting, a pivotal component of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), encompasses a suite of open-source cloud computing services designed to empower users in storing, computing, and seamlessly developing, testing, and deploying applications.

The Google Cloud Platform is a group of Google’s open-source cloud computing services that let users store and compute data and aid in developing, testing, and deploying applications. Depending on the degree of flexibility, control, and operations required, you can decide between the hosting options: public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud deployments and service models. 

10 Key Advantages of Using Google Cloud

1. Flexibility and Scalability

One of the benefits of Google Cloud Hosting is that it offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to scale resources up or down based on demand. It gives the flexibility to quickly adjust resources by adding more servers when needed, allowing websites and applications to handle increased traffic without any hassle.

It utilises virtualisation technologies and auto-scaling features, automatically adjusting computing resources based on workload fluctuations. As Google Cloud offers a scalable infrastructure, it ensures optimal performance without the constraints of fixed infrastructure.

2. Availability of Better Pricing Plans

The pay-as-you-go pricing model of Google Cloud Hosting offers a granular and cost-effective approach to resource consumption. Users are billed only for the computing power, storage, and services, eliminating the need for upfront capital expenditures. This means you don’t have to spend money on setting up and maintaining a large data centre that may not be fully utilised.

By paying for what you need, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and free your IT teams to focus on more important and valuable tasks. It eliminates the need for significant upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure, making it a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes. The platform also provides $300 in free credits to spend on Google Cloud for new customers.

3. Benefits of Live Migration

Google Cloud Platform offers Live migration, a crucial feature that allows virtual machines to be moved from one host to another without experiencing downtime. Live migration of virtual machines is especially valuable for maintaining continuous availability during routine maintenance, hardware upgrades, or other operational activities.

It also ensures uninterrupted service availability and minimises downtime during essential infrastructure maintenance tasks or operational adjustments so applications and services remain accessible, providing a seamless user experience. This is an attractive feature, as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure do not provide this feature.

4. Big Data and Analytics

Another advantage of choosing Google Cloud Hosting is that it has robust tools for big data processing and analytics. BigQuery, for example, enables users to analyse large datasets in real-time, extracting valuable insights. The platform integrates with various data storage solutions, facilitating the management and processing of vast amounts of data for informed decision-making.

Using Google Cloud Hosting also means accessing Google Cloud Storage, which supports Big Data. A new feature Google offers is improved query performance with JSON native data types. The improvements to the Capacitor file format, the support for semi-structured JSON, and the native JSON data type in BigQuery all contribute to making data retrieval more efficient and intuitive.

5. Developer Friendly Environment

Google Cloud Platform provides a developer-friendly environment with support for a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and development tools. The platform integrates seamlessly with popular development environments, allowing developers to work with familiar tools and streamline the application development process.

The platform is renowned for its robust machine learning and AI services. With Google Cloud Hosting solutions, developers can seamlessly integrate machine learning capabilities into their applications using services like Cloud AI Platform, Vision AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and AutoML.

6. Enhanced Business Performance

One of the best advantages of Google Cloud Hosting is that it excels in performance, providing high-speed computing and storage service. The platform leverages cutting-edge technologies, including fast solid-state drives (SSDs) and optimised virtualisation, to ensure the efficient execution of applications. This is particularly beneficial for resource-intensive workloads that demand high computational power.

Google Cloud Machines are capable of handling a large number of visitors at any given time while ensuring high performance and minimal errors. Google Cloud Hosting allows you to access your data remotely from anywhere. Many users have experienced a significant 50% decrease in website load times after moving to cloud service offered by Google. By adopting Google Cloud Hosting, you can expect reliable performance with fewer errors, allowing your business to thrive and progress.

7. Availability of Private Network

One of the main advantages of cloud hosting is the availability of Private networks. Private networks are the foundation of Google Cloud Hosting since they enhance security and efficiency. Organisations can reduce exposure to potential security threats associated with public networks by allowing resources to communicate over a private network. This feature is crucial for protecting sensitive data and ensuring secure communication between different components of an application.

Private networks offered by Google mean that each customer gets their cloud network for more control and scalability. In June 2022, a new portfolio of private networks was introduced by Google Cloud. Google’s new service is based on its Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) Edge platform, and Google also collaborated with several reputable partners to provide turnkey private networks. 

8. Assured Backup Redundancy

As a cloud hosting provider, Google prioritises data integrity and availability through robust backup and redundancy options. Regular data backups and redundant systems safeguard critical information against data loss or hardware failures. This redundancy contributes to the platform’s high level of reliability.

With Google Cloud’s backup solutions, you can create copies of your data and store them in separate locations to guard against data loss. It provides robust backup and redundancy features such as multi-region storage, data replication, snapshot backups, and disaster recovery solutions, ensuring the availability and protection of your data in the event of outages or disruptions.

9. Excellent Control and Security

Another top advantage of GCP is its excellent control and security. Google takes security seriously, and Google Cloud Hosting benefits from the same advanced security measures used to protect Google’s services. With features such as multi-layered firewalls, identity and access management controls, data encryption, and regular security updates, you can trust that your data and applications are well-protected.

By entrusting your hosting needs to GCP, you are tapping into cutting-edge security technologies and inheriting the comprehensive security investments made by Google as it hires the top security experts for cybersecurity. This strategic approach, coupled with the expertise of top cybersecurity professionals, ensures that your data and applications benefit from a level of security that aligns with the industry’s best practices.

10. Commitment to Sustainable Development

Since Google Cloud Hosting is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, the infrastructure is designed to be energy-efficient, and Google is a notable contributor to renewable energy projects. Choosing Google Cloud Hosting aligns with a commitment to environmental sustainability, making it a responsible choice for businesses.

Opting for Google Cloud Hosting is not just a technological choice; it’s a conscious decision aligned with a broader commitment to environmental sustainability. Not only is Google carbon neutral today, but they are also aiming even higher, that is, to run on carbon-free energy, 24/7, at all of their data centres by 2030. This makes it a responsible and forward-thinking choice for businesses aiming to merge technological advancements with eco-friendly practices.

Major Features of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  1. Compute Engine: Google Cloud’s virtual machine service for scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure.
  2. App Engine: A fully managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) allowing developers to build and deploy applications without addressing the underlying infrastructure.
  3. Global Load Balancing: Service distributing incoming network traffic across regions for enhanced performance and fault tolerance.
  4. Cloud Storage: Expandable and durable object storage solution with global accessibility.
  5. BigQuery: Serverless data warehouse for super-fast SQL queries on large datasets.
  6. Cloud SQL: Fully managed relational database service supporting MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.
  7. Cloud Pub/Sub: Messaging service for simultaneous communication between applications.
  8. Cloud Functions: Serverless computing platform enabling event-triggered functions.


In conclusion, Google Cloud Hosting has numerous advantages that make it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. From its flexibility and scalability to its robust backup and redundancy options, Google Cloud Platform provides a reliable and secure infrastructure for hosting applications and managing data. Additionally, its developer-friendly environment, big data and analytics capabilities, and commitment to sustainable development further enhance its appeal.

NSW IT  can assist you in harnessing the power of the GCP to meet your specific business needs. We are a Sydney-based managed it service provider that provides collaborative support to local companies. Our experienced team can provide guidance and support in migrating your applications and data to Google Cloud Hosting, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal performance. Contact us today to explore how Google Cloud Hosting can benefit your business and propel it towards success in the digital era.



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