Apple VS Windows: Which is the best laptop for Australia High school tenure?

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2018 has pulled in new rules and regulation in the academic field of Australia, where high school students are required to take their personal laptops to schools. Schools no longer provide a laptop to students for project use or any educational purpose.  
The new E-learning brings your own device programme has stimulated and rushed the students towards the laptop stores. Not aware of which laptop can be their best mate during their high school tenure there seems to be an unknown battle between windows and apple. Students are landing at stores but are returning empty handed due to unsurely situation and insufficient guidance. At one hand they have a strong internal desire to invest on Apple’s MacBook but at the same time, a slight dilemma about its function flexibility is forcing them to take a step back. 
To start both Windows and Apple make an excellent laptop, picking anyone out of them can be a neck to neck battle, so your choice firstly relies upon the sanctioned budget and specifications that you require for your everyday usage.  So, to all the high school students who are in a doubtful situation here are few pros and cons of both Apple and Windows laptop, hope so it will be useful as purchasing tips. 
Firstly, let’s go with Apple’s Mac Book. If your entire project and study material is only focused on the Microsoft Office 365 Package, then OS can be a great choice. You can start your project in iPhone and iPad and give continuation on your Mac book without syncing and storing in clouds or Google Drive. Integration is a key factor in OS laptops as a task can be carried out from Apple devices without any intervention. Apple has a series of attractive apps including iMovie, Garage band, Face tune, iTunes, maps, movie creation, video creation with several other interesting applications in Mac store. 
Now talking about its demerit, Apple laptops are extremely expensive. Not in terms of capital expenditure but also in terms of revenue expenditure. To access any application, you need to buy software from Mac store. To perform web designing or graphic designing task Apple’s laptop is not suitable. The way the components are built in Mac is really complicated and difficult to understand which makes the user difficult to complete the task. Ideally, it is very important to understand the functionality of laptops while operating it but as the configuration of Apple is tuff to work on students can’t give the actual output on their assignments and projects.  
When talking about Windows laptop, there are several advantages that an individual can’t reap from an expensive Apple laptop. It is comparatively pocket-friendly, students can get a user-friendly experience of using Microsoft Office 365 packages, with a range of Window operating system of 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. When talking about the core processor, windows laptop offers i3, i5, and i7 Dual Core processors with added software like Adobe Reader, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop), Anti-virus Software, iTunes, Internet Browsers, Movie Editing and Video playing software.  
The best version of Window laptop is one can upgrade RAM, internal storage and graphics card. Even if laptop faces any technical issue you can get it repaired at a very minimal charge. Window laptops support every kind of external accessories; therefore, one doesn’t have to buy a branded or expensive device for a minor usage. You can easily download any required software’s from the internet and make use of its trial version.   
There are several Windows laptop available in the Australian market which is very much affordable for any high school students. According to your specifications and budget, you can get the best laptop from any dealers. So, for a High Student like me, I choose Windows rather than Apple. My experience with Mac Book was not a user-friendly one though the book was light and easy to carry every way around. I would go for good Windows laptop of Dell or HP brands which are lightly weighted meeting my requirements. 

About the Author:
Binaya Adhikari is an Seo Specialist working for one of the leading IT company in Sydney



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