Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure is an integrated cloud service used by the IT professionals to deploy, build and manage applications through globally established data centres. Azure gives you the freedom to make use of tools, applications and framework according to your business requirement. It has hybrid cloud capabilities which connect cloud on-premise and off-premise, allowing you to maximise the value of the investment. 

With the Azure tools, a business can build enterprise, web and mobile applications. One can also set virtual private networks (VPN), Express route connections, Content Delivery Networks (CDN).  

Advantages of Azure Managed Service:

  • Hybrid Cloud: Flexible approach to upscale or downscale workload variability via cloud integration. 
  • Risk reduction: It offers proactive notifications with ongoing monitoring management to decline risk with 99.99% of SLA. 
  • Deployment: It allows you to migrate your data with minimal interruption. 
  • Integrate: Microsoft Azure allows to integrate existing infrastructure on-premise or cloud. 
  • Designs: It delivers scalable systems with the latest practice. 
  • Cloud consultation: Involvement of best Microsoft practices when releasing cloud solutions.  

How can your business entity benefit from NSW IT SUPPORT Azure Managed Service? 

  • Overall manage business transformation: We reduce the uncertainty of moving your business to cloud. We focus on defining the right solution that balances technology and business benefits. 
  • Accountability enhancement: We secure, increase and measure performance through hosted cloud service from pre-packaged software, infrastructure and disaster recovery catalogue. 
  • Measurable Performance: We help you measure your success by refining and benchmarking the service. We ensure the solutions released fits in with your business need. 
  • Specific Requirement: We help you address your industries requirement with several computing offers with specified conditions. 
  • Ensure Highest Data Sovereignty: We manage your security concerns by ensuring data sovereignty and highest security with fastest data recovery services.
  • Leverage the benefits: We have aligned with major providers of Cloud Technology providers integrating capabilities in Cloud solutions. 

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