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Clearness, Conciseness, Concreteness, Correctness, Coherentness, Completeness and Courteousness are the requirements that need to be mandatorily fulfilled for proper flow of communication. This is perhaps not more evident when it comes to an educational system including universities, schools, and colleges. In today’s learning environment effective communication between staffs, parents, students, faculty members are somewhat critical. Therefore, the smooth operation of the organization solely relies on the smart telephony systems.
However, availability of limited funds has made it tough for the management to deliver a balancing act. While the technology has reached the gate of every classroom, university staffs are still lagging to embrace the telephony systems.
Why is it necessary for the education sector to have an effective business telephony service?

Refined Call Handling Service

It is important for the callers to get hold of right contact when making a call. Call routing system offered by NSW IT Support helps route incoming calls, response time and free up human employee through assigning virtual receptionist (IVR recording system). An option of leaving a voicemail, call transfer is also available making both parents, teacher, and student get connected. The reporting feature is useful during uncertainty period (unpredicted holiday’s due to natural calamities) to tackle the high flow of calls.

Elastic Communication Structures

Learning is no longer confined to four walls of the classroom. Instead, learning has become mobile and versatile. NSW IT Support telephone system enables staff to become more mobile while having access to every classroom applications including auto-attendant service, conference call, voicemail service and call transfers.  The elastic structure allows the teacher to become more responsive. Service of telephone twinning to personal mobile phones would also reduce the chances of getting important call missed.  Postcode and mobile call routing service allows caller the flexibility to nominate locations they want to deal with.


NSW IT Support offers business telephony services to protect universities from the inbound threats. Through call tracking, call recording and strong security system, the institution can safeguard the interest of staffs, parents, students, and faculty members.

Minimal disruption

Secure yet discreet instant messaging service between teachers and colleagues.

Hotline & virtual numbers

Toll-free “1800” number to make the institute easily connect from every corner of Australia followed by virtual number “1300” number. These numbers equip teacher to release resources required to provide additional support to students after school hour.

Active parental and teacher engagement

Web conferencing and ad hoc collaboration tools to foster parent-teacher communication.
NSW IT Support offers the extended opportunity for business telephony service to education sector which enhances the learning experience. With our upgraded version of telephony systems, teachers can make calls on PC without the need of desktop phones. Colleges can easily communicate through broadband connectivity and hotline connectivity. Within NSW IT Support telephony service, we offer SMS text messaging, malicious call tag, emergency announcement, paging, virtual meeting rooms, wireless phones, and hotline service.
We also offer tailored service depending on the requirement and budget of the education sector. If the institutes require service to connect their branches located in different cities, we can expand the requirement to strengthen the connectivity of parent institute with its branches. Our telephony system has been used by several other academic organization hence it is tested, proven and reliable. For best-fitted business telephony solutions for your academic institute, kindly contact us.



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