"Cloud hosting allows the application and websites to use cloud resources."

Unlike the traditional hosting approach, the hosting get dedicated to a single server; instead, a virtual network creates to connect the physical and virtual servers to host the application with the benefit of scalability and flexibility. 

Nearly 70% of the business in the U.S has reduced their operating cost by 20% after migrating to the cloud. Cloud service providers today have changed their delivery model and service level agreement (SLA) with certainty. The systems have evolved towards centralised service and maintenance

How can cloud hosting help in your business?

Government organisations and businesses in Australia utilise cloud hosting services to mark a variety of applications and infrastructure needs; (CRM) customer relationship management database, and data storage. 

Data from the recent study shows that 60% of small to large businesses are already using cloud hosting, while 30% are either planning on implementing the technology or testing how the organisation could best use it. 

And it is a proven statement that companies with cloud-based computing have extraordinary chances to transform their business. Through cloud hosting, an enterprise can re-engineer complicated corporate processes, revive efficiency in core operational areas, leverage new external and internal partnerships by removing system-based silos, and shift employee resources ease. 

The significant attributes of cloud hosting are that it helps businesses with the web-delivered services, which allow them to merge technologies that they could not add or afford on their own. 

Though modern systems like multi-tenant infrastructure, cloud hosting service providers can gain versatility in services where small businesses can necessarily accept pay and use service and leave service when they are not needed. It is indeed an excellent cost-saving solution for many small-scale industries. 

Benefits of cloud hosting solution

Cloud hosting provides many services which include: 

  • Rapid implementation and saves time. 
  • Faster scalability to achieve demand. 
  • Higher utilisation of infrastructure investments. 
  • Fully set up infrastructure, with fewer service fees. 
  • Reduces operating cost. 
  • Increase security and protection of confidential data. 

Types of cloud hosting solutions

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) : IaaS allows the enterprise to enter in robust web architecture, such as storage space, servers, and connection, without having to purchase and configure the infrastructure. We provide consumer to access raw hosting resources like networking, processing power, and data storage capacity, in a safe and secured data hub.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) : The platform designed delivers applications over the internet. Rather than installing the whole hardware and software, the users can access the internet and operate the applications. SaaS protects the privacy of its users and is a reliable model.
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) : It is a complete deployment of resources overcloud. From simple cloud-based applications, resources can be stored or exchanged. You need to purchase the PaaS from a reliable cloud service provider and use them on a pay as you use model. The platform supports web applications.

Cloud hosting options

  • Public cloud : The resources are made available to the public through the internet. The users get charged as per pay-per-use structure. A flexible approach used by the business who want to reduce their operation cost. Azure, Google, AWS are few of the public cloud hosting options available in NSW IT Support.
  • Private cloud : The hosting infrastructure is not shared. The security, privacy and controls are at the highest. These are often a virtual private cloud (VPC) model where NSW IT support provides storage, networking, and security solutions remotely or IaaS. We offer virtual data centre (VDC) with a storage limit up to 20TB with 99.98% SLA availability.
  • Hybrid cloud : It uses both private, public cloud and dedicated hosting. We have unparalleled expertise in crafting hybrid cloud architecture, allowing you to leverage the benefits of both public and private cloud. Our innovative hybrid cloud solution shall automatically scale when there is an increase in workload. The VMware cloud is easy to integrate and is cost-effective. Additional support received for Hybrid cloud are:
    •  Seamless integration and set-up service 
    •  On-site and off-site support service 
    •  24/7 complimentary support 
    • VMware Power for robust performance 

Dedicated servers  

The dedicated servers serve best for the processor-intensive workloads as they have a full account with custom configuration options. The dedicated servers exceed reliability and performance expectations. Our service embeds supplying dedicated servers, setting up & migrating data, monitoring, and upgrading the software. Below is the additional service offered by NSW IT Support for dedicated servers: 

  • Remote & direct access 
  • Ready to go configurations server 
  • Backups & recovery service 
  • 99.98% SLA uptime 
  • Bandwidth monitoring 
  • Full server management (optional) 

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) 

VPS server gets built on enterprise hardware, network connectivity and dedicated resources. Our VPS present in major cities in Australia is easy to control. The server is easy to operate, which gives the users the ability to rebuild, start or stop the unlimited access. Express service of NSWIT Support for VPS include: 

  • Complete control of VPS 
  • Free DNS hosting 
  • Unlimited re-builds 
  • Remote console 
  • Bandwidth monitoring 
  • Firewall installation and maintenance 
  • Host-based Intrusion Detection System 
  • Routine security audits 
  • Anti-virus protection 

Hosted Exchange  

Microsoft Exchange has a feature design for privacy and security. It holds the feature of both the mailbox and server level. It uses the network security protocol, authentication, to establish a secure network connection. Here are the benefits associated with the hosted exchange: 

  • Storage (25 GB/50 GB/100GB) 
  • Outlook Anywhere Access 
  • Sync e-mails, calendars & contacts 
  • Enterprise-grade Spam Filtering 
  • Use the company’s domain name 
  • Outlook Web Access (Web & App) 
  • Spam and virus protection 

Why NSW IT Support for Cloud Hosting Services?

  • High performing server 
  • Seamless infrastructure extension 
  • Super-fast connectivity 
  • High availability networks 
  • Customisable solutions 
  • Compliance & certifications 
  • Daily data backups 
  • 99.99% data sovereignty 

When you have thousands of confidential data and business applications, it is not possible to get it stored in a hard drive. So, cloud hosting is the ultimate solution to safeguard your data, which you can take for your business by giving us a quick call or sending us an e-mail at [email protected]!  

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