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Before rummaging through several e-store sites on purchasing laptops, make sure to have a brief knowledge on your own usages and requirements. It will be useless if you purchase laptops just because its cheap but don’t meet any of your requirements so, below are the practical considerations one needs to think when shopping for their next laptop. 

General Requirements To Purchase a Laptop:

Look out for Operating System. At present, there are only two options in OS i.e. Windows 10 and Mac OS X. When picking one you must check your user preference and compatibility issues. Laptops from Dell and HP has user-friendly system inbuilt with latest Windows 10 operating system.   

  • A long battery life in case you work out of your cubical room. Asus and Lenovo have an extended battery life of more than 10 hours.  
  • If you do not need a laptop with an optical drive or a DVD burner, then you can purchase a lightweight laptop which is portable to carry around.  
  • Identify your requirements in memory and processing power. If you need a laptop to use LEAP or other software then you will need a laptop with an internal drive of 1 TB with 4GB to 8 GB RAM.  
  • If your requirement is only limited to tablet interface but with some added laptop feature then a hybrid laptop shall meet your requirement.   
  • If you are a designer or a movie freak then head for laptops with high screen resolution (HD).   

Basic requirements in a laptop

When purchasing a laptop online in Australia one must clearly determine the basic requirement of the processor, memory and storage space. If your work relies on the performance then you must go for a fastest laptop by expanding your budget. Below are the basic requirements one must check before making any purchase;  

  • A good processor allows swift performance in accordance with speed, cache memory and a number of cores. More powerful the processor faster will be the work.  
  • Storage is another factor which falls under basic requirements. Storage decides how much data can be saved in a laptop. SSDs offer faster performance reliability and power.  
  • RAM continues to speed up programs and software. Higher the RAM more you can run heavy software’s.  

Daily usage laptop

Unless you are a professional or pro there is no use of purchasing expensive laptops. The following are the points to be considered while purchasing everyday laptops.  

  • Basic laptops come with 4GB RAM and intel core i3 processor with inbuilt Windows and free trial version of Microsoft Office.  
  • The screen size of 15 inch with a fully fitted keyboard.  
  • An added feature of Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI, DVI port comes in the laptop.  

Pro & gaming laptops

  • Professional laptops are fitted with high ends components, graphics cards, high-resolution screen with stunning clarity.   
  • A gaming laptop shall have a dedicated graphics card with an additional 4GB memory for intense gaming sequences.  
  • Gaming laptops are equipped with powerful processors and memory. A gaming laptop is fitted with the graphics card, 8GB-16GB RAM, high-end core processor of i7.  
  • Professional laptops also offer high connectivity level to external equipment like a monitor with multiple USB ports, HDMI, e SATA, Thunderbolts and DVI.  

Multi-Function Laptop

  • A hybrid device fills in the requirements of laptop and tablet. It contains retractable and removeable keyboards and touchscreen.  
  • Hybrid devices come with 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3 or i5 processor.   
  • These kinds of multi-function laptop are available with Windows 10 Operating System with touchscreen operation.   

Ultra-Portable Laptops

  • Ultra-portable laptops are light weighted and smaller in size, which is useful in performing online functions and the simple task of word processing.  
  • These laptops are equipped with ultra-low voltage processor due to which it offers an extended battery life.  
  • Lightweight laptops come with less storage capacity which may be insufficient in storing massive files. Due to its size and portability, it comes with one USB PORT which may be insufficient.   

Before purchasing any laptop make sure to go through refurbished laptops review. For those parents who are searching for cheap laptops for students, The best time to buy laptops is when occasions like Christmas, Australia Day, Thanksgiving day are near for during these periods the stores give a heavy discount with added accessories.   



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