Why local SEO is important for small business?

local seo for small business

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Well, with SEO, you can dominate the whole SERP, but what if you wanted to dominate your search in the local area? If this is the case, then local SEO is your answer. If you are a business existing online, then Local SEO is a must-have. In Local SEO, target audiences are the people of the local area as well as people in other areas searching for a particular service or product in that area.  

For example, suppose someone searches for the “best digital marketing agency in Melbourne” or “Local SEO agency near me”. In that case, a digital marketing agency operating in Melbourne must employ all the SEO strategies along with local SEO. If local SEO is done well, then companies get featured at the top and further gain greater clicks, likes, views, and even shares. So local SEO is something you, as a business, should never underestimate. 


Table of Content

What is Local SEO? 

Essentials of Local SEO 

  • Keyword research 
  • Long-tail keywords 
  • Listing on Google Maps 
  • Search Engine Optimization for Maps 
  • Listings in Local Directories 
  • Schema markup 

Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business 

  1. Reach more customers and increase traffic 
  2. Conversion rates are high for local SEO
  3. With Local SEO, you can enhance brand awareness and bypass competitors
  4. Through Local SEO, you can create a user-friendly website
  5. Local SEO Helps Businesses Build a Community

What Strategies Can Small Businesses Take to Use Local SEO? 

9 Salient Features of a Good Local SEO Provider  

Why choose NSWITS as a leading SEO company in Australia? 


What is Local SEO?

According to HubSpot  

“Local SEO is the process all focused on improving search engine visibility for local businesses to get organic traffic from searches performed by customers nearby.” 

So, Local SEO is a practice in digital marketing, especially SEO, where businesses attempt to enhance their online presence amongst the local people. This provides them exposure to many people and allows the company’s website to be linked to a specific place.  

Local SEO Specialists are directly involved in providing local SEO services. In fact, Local SEO specialists ensure their targeted brand ranks high in all parts of local search, measure performance with Google Analytics, and increase total Local Search traffic and campaign volume. 


Essentials of Local SEO

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is the first focus for local SEO service providers. To find the right audience and prospects, companies must choose accurate local keywords and apply them effectively. In the meta description, local SEO experts utilize keywords that suggest local intent. You’ll also need to include location modifiers, such as “Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne” and “Digital Marketing Agency Near Me.” 


  • Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are more precise – and generally longer keywords. They are particularly relevant in SEO since, when performing voice searches, users often speak out an entire inquiry or offer a thorough description of the goods. A Digital Agency must ensure Local SEO that concentrates more on these keywords in order to get the most traffic. 

For example, “Digital marketing agency in Australia” is quite a short keyword; however, the question “How is digital marketing in Melbourne different from other areas in Australia?” is significantly longer and much more particular. 


  • Google My Business

Google My Business appears prominently in local search results and allows a company to list itself on Google Maps and in local search results. Here, you can give details of opening and closing times, contact information, or a link to your website.  


  • Listings in Local Directories

Local business directories are online portals that list companies in a particular area, sector, or industry. In addition, it stores public information about a business’s contact details, address, social networks, photos, and more. Submitting such information to numerous online directories boosts your online visibility for local SEO. 


  • Schema markup

Schema markup is a semantic language of tags or microdata applied to your website’s code. These are included to enhance how search engines understand and portray your website in search engine results (SERPs). These are also useful for local SEO. 


Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

  1. Reach more customers and increase traffic.

Local SEO may help small companies enhance their company rankings and get them recognized in their community. If your services are excellent, you will turn your audience into clients. While not all visits will convert to sales, they may choose to be loyal to your content and will return for more. Thus, such reconnecting will eventually lead to a purchase. 


  1. Conversion rates are high for local SEO

Local SEO draws potential clients to your site and increases conversion rates. Local SEO works to increase visitor flow, which leads to more revenues. When a company positions itself as an authority in a given area, it attracts local clients and ultimately helps to boost sales. Most local searchers prefer to learn about local small businesses rather than searching for companies thousands of miles away or making a random purchase online. 


  1. With Local SEO, you can enhance brand awareness and bypass competitors.

With strong Local SEO, people searching for particular products in the local area can find you on top of SERP. The more people will see you in the results, the more will be your brand awareness. This means they are more likely to click on your website or look for you in the future.

Eventually, you can bypass your competition by adopting better local SEO strategies. So putting in your proper local SEO efforts can help you attain a sustainable competitive advantage. 


  1. Through Local SEO, you can create a user-friendly website.

Local SEO takes into account improving the client experience on your website. As we all know, Google is quite picky about the information available on a website and ranks on the basis of quality content.

So, if you optimise your local SEO content, you may be highlighted in the snippet and thus have your user-friendliness encouraged. 


  1. Local SEO Helps Businesses Build a Community

When information about your brand is easily accessible, it may help develop a strong local presence and improve word-of-mouth referrals among community members. Small businesses that have a strong local SEO presence can benefit from community support. Businesses that do best in local SEO are typically the ones that are most integrated with their community, both offline and online. 


What Strategies Can Small Businesses Take to Use Local SEO?

As known to everyone in each aspect of digital marketing, you can find regular updates. In Local SEO, for the sake of better user-friendliness, security, and modernised feature, regular updates are witnessed.

Like every year, in 2024 too, we have witnessed trends that promise to stay throughout the year. These would include More Core Web Vitals to join the page experience signals, Mobile-First Index as a norm, reputation management, maintaining the online privacy, image search and focus on both text and video content.

Following these trends and using the following strategies, your Local SEO journey will be beautiful and beneficial. 

  • Get your Business listed in all Online Local Directories. 
  • Set Up a strong Google My Business Profile with frequent updates 
  • Make an effort to gain reviews (Both Good and bad) and respond to all regularly.  
  • Always ask your Local SEO specialist or small business SEO company to go for a fierce competitive analysis. 
  • Check on the Technical aspects, including Technical Errors that could impact indexing. 
  • Employ local schema that triggers rich results, including breadcrumbs, reviews, FAQs, and site links on search results. 
  • Try to keep up with basics and ongoing Local SEO trends. 


9 Salient Features of a Good Local SEO Provider

  • Local SEO providers must establish ambitious, attainable goals for traffic, growth and ROI. 
  • A good local SEO Agency is a powerful SEO agency that will keep you in the loop every step of the way. 
  • A Local SEO specialist can measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign based on traffic, leads, sales & growth. 
  • A Local SEO Agency can perform regular SEO Audits of existing content, identify gaps, and create a scalable site architecture. 
  • They work on keywords used by local competitors keywords are most important for your business.  
  • A great Local SEO company offers in-depth Competitor Analysis to bring the best content and outrank your competition. 
  • A good Local SEO provider smartly puts the geo-targeted content and pages to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Local SEO experts always work on On-Site Optimisation with strong metadata, images, internal link structure, and site architecture. 
  • A Small business SEO company also prioritise Local Link Building by auditing existing link profile and negative or toxic links and implementing a white-hat local link-building strategy. 


Why choose NSWITS as a leading SEO company in Australia?

NSWITS is a leading SEO company in Australia specialising in Local SEO services and helping brands, both big and small, to grow bigger, better, and stronger. We spend all of our time perfecting Local SEO services along with our digital marketing services.

In fact, we are also the first choice of many Australian companies when it comes to getting service from the best Local SEO companies for small businesses. We are also popular in the market for our ” affordable SEO service for small businesses”. We hone our expertise to keep your business on top of local searches and ahead of the competition in your city, town, or region. 

Contact us to start your SEO or any digital marketing-related venture, as we are always into customised planning, systematic execution, and scientific reporting. We will make sure to make you all aware of our local SEO and digital marketing packages. 



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