Delivering high quality Managed IT in North shore!

NSW IT Support aspires to become the go-to IT service provider for large, small and medium level enterprises across the North Shore of Australia. Our managed service North Shore leverages best practice design and implement support solutions to the changing IT environment. We assure you to flow in the peace of mind, with effective and affordable IT solutions to the business in the North Shore region by ensuring an increase in productivity and cost reduction.

We address every information technology need for both public and private sectors in North Shore. The aim of NSWIT support is to compile a professional team that provides a strategic balance between technical and customer service. We are highly focused on innovation so that we can deliver the right kind of solutions that brings a positive impact on the business. To add more value to the service, we have partnered with several industry leaders to give in the best of what the existing market has to offer.

NSWIT Support offers an experience that goes beyond the scope of the most service level agreement. We are highly committed to investing in new technologies that enable a unique and compelling user experience.


What do NSW IT Support Managed Services offer?

Remote IT desk service – A locally based IT support desk for business offering unparalleled IT support that is customer-focused and responsive. Irrespective of the business size and nature the IT service desk can be fully tailored. From medium to large organization NSW IT Support has catered over 100 plus business with the remote IT desk service which properly compliments the requirement of in-house IT department freeing them to deliver projects with high value IT initiatives. Our Remote IT desk service includes:

  • Locally based service
  • User Administration
  • Office 365 administration
  • Desktop support
  • Remote monitoring & alerting
  • Ticketing system
  • Dedicated account management
  • Networking issues
  • Software installations
  • Reporting
  • User off-board and on-board
  • Service review meeting
  • Integration with existing system and process
  • SLAs agreement

Hybrid on-site/ remote IT support – Comprehensive IT support service, with remote IT support. Most of the business searches for a combined service of remote IT support and on-site support that is ideal for one’s need. NSWIT Support offers an on-site visit from our experienced IT staff together with the service of remote desk support that furnishes a well-balanced IT solution for every unpredictable eventuality.

Network Design & IT infrastructure – Administer, design and maintain core IT infrastructures and business networks. With more than 7 plus years of managing core IT infrastructure and network, NSWIT Support, can be trusted for the design, advice, helping the management to understand the core IT as per the tailored business agreement and expectations. Release the burden of maintaining, patching, optimization, and monitoring the servers and network with us.

IT consultation – Assisting you in generating the right strategic IT plan, so that your IT can provide you with capabilities to improve productivity while managing security and risk in the ever-changing IT landscape. Outdated managed service strategy drags and decline the productivity and pulls the business out of the Australian market. This can brutally hinder the ability of experienced staff. Hence, with our senior IT consultant staff, we can give fresh insight, ideas to ensure right IT strategy that successfully manages every know-how of the business.

Our IT consulting service includes:

  • IT strategy and architecture
  • IT reviews and audits
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity planning
  • IT project management and advisory
  • IT risk assessment
  • Critical process analysis & improvement
  • Information protection & business resilience
  • Business IT analysis & requirement

Staff augmentation – NSWIT Support assists the entity through placement of high skilled IT engineers to support the internal IT department of the organization. The agenda of doing so is to assist the mid-term and short projects as per the specific resource requirement. Together we shall collaborate to fill in the gaps with the internal IT team for quick and efficient service. We have worked with several organizations (small, large and medium) to ensure correct skills and requirements are matched.

Cloud Hosting Solutions – We host enterprise-level applications using Azure cloud, and AWS infrastructure. We utilize the best practices and deliver high reliability and ability that the cloud has to offer. We have experience of hosting wide range of service applications including accounting, client relationship management, financial package and other applications as needed by the client. We significantly, allow the client to remove the requirement of on-site servers and incline the productivity of the existing staff.

Managed IT cybersecurity services – We deploy cybersecurity services by covering the layers of cybersecurity strategy. NSW IT Support mitigates information assurance concept and places multiple layers of security through the IT system. It intends to provide redundancy even if there is a failure in a security control or if any segment of IT system is exploited.

When any IT issue arise, everything halts, well, this should not be the situation in an organization. Do you wait whole day or two to get it fixed? If so, you are surely losing business. For managed service North shore, managed services from NSW IT Support provides you with more reliable performance with great predictable expenses. Which means you get a greater value from the existing technology, which ultimately reduces the cost and strengthen the security with less downtime. To know more about the managed services price for North Shore contact us!