Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise: which is the best suited office package for any business?

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Windows 8 downturn surely needed Microsoft to get back its original fame and Windows 10 proved to be an instant solution for it. Introduced in July 2015, Windows 10 became an immediate success fixing issues of Windows 8 including migration problem, easing up the learning curve and supporting proprietor hardware. Windows 10 was designed to make the business run efficiently in both cloud and on-premise.  
The best feature of the Microsoft package is the availability of products suiting the requirement of the business while the de-merit portion includes figuring out the correct option which soundly determines your business. Windows 10 is no exception when offering products. Windows 10 is available in Home, Education, Enterprise, Professional version. Windows 10 as it is a cloud product it easily operates across devices possessing internet connectivity and can be considered as the most secure operating system (OS) so far. As we know, a different version of Windows 10 is available in the market, but not everyone has the security and management features sought by the business. Two best versions suitable are Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Enterprise. Let’s Find Out which one is better? 

Windows 10 Professional 

Windows 10 Professional comes with an advanced functionality and features. It offers mobility and security with easy access to task from any device. Beside the features of the home edition, it offers privacy tools and sophisticated connectivity such as Group Policy Management, Client Hyper V, Direct Access, Assigned access 8.1, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer and BitLocker. While the basic features include Start Menu, Cortana, Battery Saver, Windows update, Virtual Desktop, Snap Assist, Continuum, Microsoft Edge, Device Encryption, Domain Join, Remote Desktop, Microsoft Password, and Device Guard. 
BitLocker is a powerful disk encryption tools allowing you to encrypt external USB drives. While access 8.1 permits you to lock user accounts and applications. Windows 10 Pro offers seamless connectivity to Business Store and Azure Active Directory, while Hyper-Client V is all about building virtual solutions. Windows 10 professional version makes multi-tasking easy through Microsoft Deployment Tool Kit (MDTK) and Assessment Development Kit (ADK) granting you to deploy and control platform. The existence of Window support application is another advantageous feature offering productivity and management features offering access to different devices. 

Windows 10 Enterprise 

It is somewhat identical to Windows 10 professional i.e. in terms of functionality and set. Windows 10 Enterprise can only be distributed through the Microsoft Licensing program and it delivers products which Professional Windows fail to provide. It has Direct Access, which allows access to the internal network on a VPN system to remote users. It quickly establishes a bi-directional connection and has AppLocker to restrict access to the number of devices. 
Further Enterprise version has security set of Managed User Accounts, allowing users to set user accounts, Managed Application Virtualization managing streaming and virtualization and Environment virtualization offer device migration with the same OS setting.  
Likewise, it has credentials guard, which is only available in E-version. It protects domain credentials and isolates the entire process of local security authority. App locker is another attractive feature, which significantly empowers the admin to revoke access to different apps. At the same time, Group policy restricts programs from Active Directory Domain.  

Comparison Chart of Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Enterprise

In terms of Security

Features  Windows 10 Pro  Windows 10 Enterprise 
Windows Hello for Business  Available  Available 
BitLocker and BitLocker to Go  Available  Available 
Windows Information Protection  Available  Available 
Windows Defender Credential Guard  Not Available  Available 
Windows Defender System Guard  Available  Available 
Windows Defender Application Guard   Not Available  Available 
Windows Defender Application Control  Not Available  Available 
Windows Defender Exploit Guard  Available  Available 
Windows Defender Antivirus  Available  Available 
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection  Not Available  Available 


In Terms of Flexibility

Features  Windows 10 Pro  Windows 10 Enterprise 
Windows Shared Devices  Available  Available 
Windows AutoPilot  Available  Available 
Cloud Activations  Not Available  Available 
Hybrid Azure Active Directory Join  Available  Available 
Microsoft Store for Business  Available  Available 
Mobile Device Management   Available  Available 
Mobile Application Management  Available  Available 
Manage user experiences   Not Available  Available 
Microsoft Application Virtualization  Not Available  Available 
Microsoft User Environment Virtualization  Not Available  Available 


In terms of Updates

Features  Windows 10 Pro  Windows 10 Enterprise 
Windows Server Update Service   Available  Available 
Windows Update for Business  Available  Available 
Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness  Available  Available 
Windows Analytics Update Compliance   Available  Available 
Windows Analytics Device Health  Not Available  Available 
Windows Insider Program for Business  Available  Available 
Express Updates  Available  Available 
Delivery Optimization   Available  Available 


For Productivity Level

Features  Windows 10 Pro  Windows 10 Enterprise 
Enterprise Search in Window  Available  Available 
Windows user experience  Available  Available 
Microsoft Edge Available  Available 
Cortana  Available  Available 
Office 365  Available  Available 
Microsoft Whiteboard  Available  Available 
OneNote  Available  Available 
Work across devices  Available  Available 
Accessibility features  Available  Available 
Windows Ink  Available (only in store)   Available 
3D in Windows 10  Available  Available 


Which one is the best? Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Professional

Both Professional and Enterprise Windows are best and can easily fill in the requirement of business. The only variation identified between these two is its security features and extra IT. Both deployment and migration functionality can be easily carried out by these two versions offering similar management functionality. For an entity of a smaller nature Professional can be best for the start-ups, however, eventually when the organization expands, it becomes necessary for the companies to switch from professional version to the enterprise version. 

Windows Pro vs Home

Features  Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro
Create and join a domain (work network) Not Available  Available 
BitLocker Not Available  Available 
Group policy management Not Available  Available 
Remote Desktop Not Available  Available 
Hyper-V Not Available  Available 
Assigned Access Not Available  Available 
Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer Not Available  Available 
Windows Store for Business Not Available  Available 
Trusted Boot Not Available  Available 
Windows Update for Business Not Available  Available 
Max supported RAM 128GB 2TB



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