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Abiword review – The best alternative of Microsoft Word

This is so amazing, writing a Abiword review and using its own word processor . It’s been a while, when in 2002, Abiword lunched open source word processor. It’s really a light weight and easy to use word processing application.

Abiword can use for any major operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac and more. We can better say, it works in any operating system, which is Unix-based. This review is about windows versions.

Abiword review

Abiword Review

Installation Guide

Installation process is so easy. Following step by step process you will get it installed very quick and painless. There are options/plugins are available to install, in the process of installing Abiword. But, what I like to do is, stay with the default setup. 

Lunching after first installation, you will be greeted by Abiword. Quick start guide will show and walk you through, where to find help option if you need any. This is such a lovely, easy to use word processor, so I don’t think you will have any problem, if you had already used any other word processor like Microsoft Word.

install Abiword



The best thing about AbiWord is users of Windows, Linux, and Mac can install it. The features such as creating header/footer, tables of contents, page numbers, tabs, EndNote and more can includes easily. Abiword allows you to insert files and images into a documents like others word processors and which makes our work easier.

You can even install plugins during installation process. I used mail merge a lot. You can use mail merge and utilized sources such as database and text files.  There are other features that can be used to make your work easier. If you would like to download plugins, you can download from: Abiword Plugins

Now we will see, the good part and bad part Abiword have.


  1. Both common and advanced featured available
  2. Can work with major file formats
  3. Plugins are easy to install
  4. Spelling checker and grammar checker –  detect automatically
  5. Managed Interface
  6. Option available to saved documents automatically


  1. You need external image viewer program to preview print



Final word, I must say Abiword is most amazing and user friendly word processor. Abiword creator should be very proud and what they have created is a solid, light-weight word processing application. The application can be used in any platform and this is the main thing I like it most. If you would like to give a try, can downloaded from here: Abiword Download

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