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Microsoft Word is a popular word processor so far. Its best format supported feature, integration configuration with other Office Apps and availability of highly professional templates has made Microsoft the much-needed processor. But, besides Microsoft Word, there is other processor, AbiWord which is equally competitive with high useful feature & which has proven to be a best alternative of Microsoft Word. AbiWord is a great free word processor which offers interruption free writing experience and which is easy to use. The processor offers both basic and professional featuring giving the users their own desired experience

Launched in 1998, December 1, by AbiSource. It makes use of traditional word processing GUI layout. It has become the open source and cross platform which can be used in any of the major operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux or any Unix-based operating system.

Brief Portrayal

  • Supported by connecting free account or through direct IP connection.
  • Inclusive of common features like header, footer, tabs, table content, page numbers, pictures and many more.
  • Inclusive of plug-ins such as web translator, web dictionary, Wikipedia and Google integration.
  • Addition of annotations in document.
  • Can be opened in any file formats such as HTML, .doc, .txt, .odt,.rtf,.docx.
  • Easier to change document properties such as rights, source, author and contributors.
  • Utilizes database and text files to create letters by using mail merge.
  • Can easily print documents.
  • Customization of documents background.
  • Allows you to toggle the case words.
  • Allows you to review and compare documents.


Merits of AbiWord

  • Automatic detection of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Methodical Edge
  • Inclusive of basic and pro features.
  • Toils with any file formats.
  • Easy to install plugins
  • Automatic saving of documents.
  • Custom ruler with additional toolbar.
  • Can be used in cross platforms.


De-Merits of AbiWord

  • Absence of help section.
  • Outdated appearance.
  • Requirement of extra image viewer program for print preview.


Installation Guide of AbiWord


  • Go the official page of AbiWord abisource.com and download the processor. At the bottom of the page you will see a pop up being displayed.


  • Choose the preferred language from the menu and click “OK”


  • You will be greeted by a “Welcome Message” and click “Next” on the menu.


  • Click on “I Accept” on the license agreement and click on “Next’.


  • Choose a location where you want to store the file and click on the “Next”.


  • Select your required Install from the drop-down menu along with optional components and click on “Next”.


  • For AbiWord Startup click on shortcut menu and click next for the installation process.


  • After the installation process is complete “Click on Next”.


  • Click on” Finish” to complete the process.


Our Review

AbiWord is the only processor which works on multiple platforms. It is easy to download and install, while it offers six different types of install i.e. custom install, full plus downloads, full of file associations, typical, full and minimum install. The processor can be installed with a few minutes and can be operated instantly. Another eye-catching feature available in this processor is the presence of paragraph spacing, header/footer, line, lining and super/sub scripts button.
The documents can be shared with the integration of latest version of 2.8.6 AbiColllab Web Service especially for remote collaboration.


Though AbiWord has an outdated appearance it offers a great functionality and tools. The menu and tools present are available in an organized form which makes the whole programme simple to use. The processor offers a distraction free experience by hiding the toolbar. The only menu that is available in the screen is the “File Menu”, which takes up a minor space.
The users also can also get hold of formatting tools with advanced option of real time collaboration and insertion of tables. The automatic document saver saves your documents every minute, saving your time and effort.
The only disliking feature of AbiWord is that you need install a programme to check out print preview image, which is an extra step which might baffle the users.



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