Transforming Education: Overcoming IT Challenges for Southern Academy of Business and Technology (SABT)

Company Overview

Southern Academy of Business and Technology (SABT) is a Vocational Education and Training College (VET) in Australia, dedicated to providing industry-specific and up-to-date training and learning material to all its students. With branches in Sydney and Adelaide, SABT aims to be the top choice for quality training and education within the industry.


As an education and training institution, SABT heavily relies on IT infrastructure for smooth operations. However, they faced significant IT issues that hindered their productivity and impacted students’ learning experience: 

1. Unsustainable Productivity Level:

Past partnership with MSP resulted in dropped productivity, posed challenges to the organisation’s operations, and impacted students’ learning experience.

2. Old-fashioned communications and IT Systems:

SABT struggled with efficiently managing student enrollment, existing students, cyber labs, and alumni due to inefficient IT management system and IP phones.

3. Outdated software and devices:

Slow internet speeds, the absence of Microsoft 365, and underpowered servers hindered communication, collaboration, and data exchange, impacting productivity and learning experience.


To address these challenges and transform their IT infrastructure, SABT partnered with NSW IT Support and implemented the following solutions:

1. IT Infrastructure Upgrade:

NSW IT Support conducted a detailed assessment, identified weaknesses, and upgraded their infrastructure, providing high-speed fiber internet, powerful server, communication channels like VoIP, and camera controls.

2. Comprehensive Managed IT Service:

Our team incorporated managed IT services, enabling proactive monitoring, maintenance, and access to expertise. This enhanced seamless communication and efficient data exchange, optimising IT expenses.

3. Day-to-Day Technical Support:

With onsite and remote assistance provided round-the-clock, it ensured seamless operations and prompt issue resolution and improved productivity

4. Training and Empowerment:

Our expert IT professional provided training sessions to SABT’s staff, enabling them to utilize IT resources more efficiently and effectively.

5. Data Backup and Recovery:

Implementing cloud backup and restore solutions ensured that SABT’s critical data was securely backed up and easily recoverable in case of any unforeseen incidents.

6. Microsoft 365 for Students:

The integration of Microsoft 365 enabled enhanced communication, real-time collaboration, improved access to learning materials, and mobile device compatibility through Microsoft’s reliable cloud infrastructure.


1. Streamlined Data Management:

SABT achieved improved data management and alignment across all computers through centralized data storage and access.

2. 0% downtime with Network Support :

Maintained an impressive 99.999% uptime with added data security through efficient management, monitoring, and disaster recovery services for SABT’s network infrastructure.

3. Sustainable Growth:

With ongoing partnership, SABT, focused on their core business with confidence while our vCIO enabled them to achieve sustainable growth staying ahead in their industry.

4. Capital Gain:

Despite upgrading to the most advanced hardware and software for smooth business operations, SABT managed to save substantial money working with us.

5. Improved User Experience:

The upgrades and enhancement resulted in an improved user experience for both students and staff, leading to higher productivity and satisfaction levels.

6. Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance:

With advanced monitoring systems and regular maintenance, potential IT issues were identified and resolved before they could escalate and cause operational disruption.

7. Compliance and Security:

With regular IT audits, our cybersecurity experts implemented robust security framework that complies with the industry regulations and standard and safeguarded sensitive data. 

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Through the ongoing partnership, SABT successfully overcame IT-related challenges, transforming their IT infrastructure, and enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency. As a trusted MSP partner, NSW IT Support has enabled SABT to excel in the education industry and create a lasting impact on its students’ learning process.  The continued commitment to providing reliable IT support and consultation showcases the dedication to SABT’s business growth and overall success as a reputed managed IT service provider in Sydney. 

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