WISE CHOICE IN-HOME CARE: A Transformational Journey in Healthcare Excellence

Company Overview

Wise Choice in Home Care, a registered NDIS Home Care provider in Fairfield, Sydney. Since 2016, has been dedicated to delivering exceptional home care services to Australians. Specialising in elderly care, home care, disability, and NDIS, Wise Choice operates within the heart of Sydney, Australia, with an unwavering commitment to affordable care assistance. 


In a rapidly evolving landscape, the Aged Care Sector Community introduced the Aged Care Roadmap in 2016, empowering consumers to determine the timing and nature of their services. This seismic shift prompted Wise Choice to re-evaluate its infrastructure and workflow to align with consumer trends.  

1. Unified IT System:

A unified IT system was necessary to manage new and existing clients, streamline daily operations, and enhance organisational productivity.

2. Control and Communication:

Efficiently managing data, consistent communication across multiple locations, maintaining a unified digital presence, and safeguarding client data and network security presented intricate challenges.

3. IT Knowledge and Security:

Eager to expand, Wise Choice encountered hurdles due to their limited IT knowledge and escalating cybersecurity threats.


Partnering with NSW IT Support, Wise Choice embarked on a transformative journey, yielding remarkable results:

1. Seamless Managed IT Service:

A comprehensive IT transformation unfolded, including secure and efficient VoIP communication, complete hardware and software management, and an agile help desk service.

2. Best IT Practices and Security:

Armed with robust IT security training, Wise Choice addressed networking gaps, eliminated vulnerabilities, and embraced proactively, managed IT service for long-term data and network security.

3. Microsoft 365 and NBN Fiber Internet:

A robust digital ecosystem was established through NBN Fiber Internet, fostering streamlined communication, while Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams revolutionised collaboration and data sharing.

4. Website Management and SEO:

A new user-centric website was constructed, amplified by strategic SEO efforts, catapulting Wise Choice into the limelight of online visibility and expanding their client base.

Benefits and Results

1. Effortless Communication:

Overcoming geographical boundaries, Wise Choice fostered seamless communication and collaboration across their branch offices, solidifying operational efficiency.

2. Area Expansion:

Empowered by a secure, SEO-optimized website, Wise Choice ventured beyond Sydney, successfully expanding its services throughout New South Wales. The user-friendly design ensured accessibility across all devices.

3. Efficiency and Security:

Through strategic IT implementation, Wise Choice achieved operational cost-efficiency while substantially minimising security risks and breaches.

4. Cloud Empowerment:

The introduction of real-time cloud-based data exchange, storage, and collaborative editing empowered Wise Choice to operate nationally and internationally efficiently.
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Wise Choice in Home Care’s partnership with NSW IT Support has revolutionised their IT infrastructure and bolstered their commitment to excellence. The smooth and effortless transformation overcame obstacles, propelling them into a new era of delivering care services. As a beacon of reliability, NSW IT Support’s strategic guidance ensured Wise Choice’s continued growth and success in the healthcare sector.

Working with NSW IT Support: Join the Managed IT Revolution ​