Is your company focused on managed IT services or keeping the IT budget in the black?

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What was the last “IT emergency” that reduced your business productivity? How long did it take to straighten the situation? What financial loss did you go through? 

 The profitability of a company’s operations is usually the determining factor when companies embrace cloud technologies. And the availability of finance prompted companies to purchase services from managed IT service providers. However the economic benefits of outsourcing to an MSP are widely discussed, but only a few are able to explain exactly how much Managed IT services could save you. 

While companies that provide managed IT services may charge a reasonable amount for their services, this service can still save a considerable chunk of money on your IT requirements. This stressful, frustrating, mentally taxing, new normal life considering the fact the employees are working from home. Savings is a primary reason why Managed IT Service providers are favoured 

Based on a survey from CompTIA of 400 companies that have recently partnered with Managed Services Providers to examine their IT needs and requirements within the past year. A decision found that 96% of those surveyed believed that Managed IT services saved them a considerable amount of their annual budget. Furthermore, 184 of those surveyed believe that Managed IT services saved them 25% or more. Additionally, 58 of those surveyed reported savings of at least 50%. 

This survey of reduced costs also revealed surprising information that over 89% of respondents were satisfied with their Managed Services Providers’ performance and expertise.Their reasons for this response are the better security, flexibility, ease of use, and increased uptime. A study by CompTIA would prove that you are right in believing a MSP will deliver positive economic advantages. 

Additionally, you will benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and access to the talent needed to run a complicated IT environment for the success of every organisation. So, why not keep your money secure by outsourcing our IT support. 


The greater the prevention, the better the cure

 MSP survey results state that the average saving for a business is in the range of 40%. Do you know? With the solution offered, you can take the headache of managing multiple devices or systems but also save your business $3000 a year per user.  

 There are a few examples of where you can save money. 

  • Managed IT service providers offer scalable infrastructure. IT infrastructure grows with the business without going over budget.  
  • Companies using MSP services do not have to pay a full-time in-house professional, so they can save on wage, tax, sick pay, superannuation, overtime and holiday bonuses.  
  • MSPs provide a wide range of equipment with the latest infused technologies. The equipment and services are included in the monthly and yearly service fee. 

Based on IBM’s statistics, the business value gained from managed services is quantifiable.  On a run-down, the IBM has concluded that,  

  • A reduction of 24% in IT infrastructure costs. 
  • The productivity of staff has risen by 42%. 
  • End user productivity increased by 88% through reduced downtime. 
  • Return on investment for the 5.5 months was 224%. 
  • Based on 100 users, annual productivity savings ranged between $145,801 and $203,111. 

 Keeping your system running efficiently touches just about every aspect of your business. When your system is down, your customers cannot place online orders, while your staff remains ideal. If all of your systems are ready and working as they should be, your business performs on top notch. 

Here are some of the reasons why Managed IT service is the assistance for your progressive ahead path to walk in. 


Skilled manpower for the professional work

Hiring is incredibly costly for small businesses with limited resources and employees. You might not have the personnel to devote to human resources, which would mean someone is taking over their regular tasks to look for IT positions. IT outsourcing can eliminate this problem.  

A managed service provider is a great resource to hire if your IT needs are limited, but not as great if your company has more than 100 employees. By paying just for the services you need, you can avoid the considerable hiring costs. 


Planned budgets reduce turnover

Employers face challenges in recruiting and managing employees. Consider how much time and resources your recruitment and recruitment team requires. You will have a team you don’t have to worry about replacing with an IT services team.  

 The IT providers you have hired will be in charge of the staff and immediately available. It is not necessary to board them, train them, or explain their work description. 


Access More Resources

The best solution for proactive and preventive maintenance of technology may not always come from your small IT team or single-person IT department. You may not have the best resources to provide the best level of service. 

A specialised IT company is usually less expensive than paying your own. For instance, if your IT employee needs to take a holiday, your company may remain without assistance for quite a while. Consider adding some managed services to your IT position to ensure that it has the resources to solve problems quickly. 

Invest in internal teamwork

Managed by a reliable provider, your internal IT team can concentrate on its core responsibilities instead of fixing printers or installing anti-virus software if someone picks up the slack.In the future, your internal team will not have to work so hard just to put out fires while your next product launches languish because of lack of attention. 

Your company should partner with a managed IT, service provider, no matter what your industry. This way, your internal resources will be maximised, and you will deliver the best results 


Having a security breach is unacceptable

You may think that now is the perfect time to cut costs on your company’s IT services, especially as your business starts up. A security breach may harm your business. Still, your prices will go up as soon as your company is not protected.  

When you become subject to safety violations, you can incur large amounts of additional costs and legal issues,, leading to your closing your company. 

You may also lose your clients’ confidence because you appear incompetent. Specifically, small businesses are likely to suffer from a security breach. Hackers know that small businesses cannot afford the same precautions that larger companies take to safeguard their data. 


Recovery without a plan is costly

Security breaches and data recovery can cost you a lot of money if you are unprepared. Keep in mind, a proactive approach for your business security is better. A company outsourcing its services to an IT company will take necessary measures to prevent unauthorised access or data loss.It could be very costly in certain circumstances if you don’t consult a security firm before you experience a breach. You will have less time to search for a trustworthy IT company. 

A good IT company can save you the headaches of a data breach. You will have records of your software and hardware so that you can fix the problem more quickly. You will also be well-informed and more comfortable working with your business. 


Tech failures have a direct financial impact

By not using managed services, you could save money; however, you may spend more money if the technology doesn’t work correctly in the long run. Employee productivity is affected by broken technology, making managed services far more effective. 


The final thoughts

It does not matter whether your business is small or large. Managed IT Services can benefit your business with their predictable monthly costs, scalability, instant access to experts and lack of need to spend much on building your budget. 

The IT company you work with will learn about your business and provide recommendations for technology that will improve your business performance.  

Your managed IT services provider will research and find a solution if your company runs into a technology issue or seeks to upgrade one of your current technologies. Managed IT Services can help the next level of your company, so let’s join to revive and save your business revenue!  




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