Providing accommodation and specialised Care to NDIS participants, Advance Care Agency has been providing NDIS services to the registered NDIS support provider since 2019.

Client: Advance Care Agency

Industry: Health Care

Services:  Managed IT Services, VOIP, Website Management Service, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Social Media Management.

Via: www.nswits.com.au


In Australia, the Disability service demand inclined sharply following the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout. The scheme’s primary objective was to create a competitive market for disability services to promote efficiency and quality in the support service offered by the service provider.

Advance Care Agency, too, became part of the competitive market and looked forward to catering the NDIS service by aligning healthcare with technology.

As a health care organisation, it was challenging for them to take care of the overall IT services and improve the existing unified IT system combining their operational services.

In early 2020, Advance Care Agency approached us for the VoIP service as a means of a powerful tool to connect the participants.

The company didn’t want to risk their reputation and compensate for their existing reputation as the NDIS service provider in Australia. Further, they tried to gain a competitive advantage in the market, by strengthening their existing IT structure and building a solid digital presence as the best NDIS service provider in Australia.

Our challenge was to find out ways to generate leads through the online platform and provide seamless VoIP and Managed IT Support service.


After discussing the goals and objectives of their sector with the Director(name), the NSWIT team began working on a sustainable solution. 

Having worked with several homogenous organisation units earlier, we understood their requirements across the Managed IT Services, VOIP and Digital marketing areas. We assisted them in: 

  • Setting up the VoIP networks over traditional communication.  
  • Managing and replacing their existing IT hardware and software.  
  • Providing proactive IT support in managing their website and social media. 
  • Re-branding of the website to deliver excellent SEO performance.  
  • Increasing engagement of the organisation through website and social media.  
  • Offering a complete analysis of their competitors in terms of SEO, Google Ads and social media.  
  • Developing a complete structure of strategic plans and roadmaps for digital marketing. 


After establishing a clear understanding, the client felt confident and gave us a ‘Good Go’ in proceeding with the plan.  

As of last year, there was an increase of double digits in monthly site visits over the past 12 months. A significant increase in return visitors also supported the business goal for greater engagement. 

There has been a very healthy uptake of the Disability Service Accommodation program in Search Engines and Social media channels. 

Further, we successfully built a secure, cost-effective VoIP communication, provided excellent after-sales support service and ranked the Advance Care Agency in more than 15 keywords on the first page of the search engine with a generous flow of leads.  

Additionally, the client also enjoyed the benefits of: 

  • A high level of visibility on search engines  
  • An increase in the number of clients  
  • Savings on operational expenses  
  • The unification of communications  
  • An easy-to-use and device-friendly website  
  • Protection of data & security 
  • Stable network and security.  
  • 24/7 support service 

Till date, we continue to work with Advance Care. Our team understands the challenges the NDIS service provider faces with changing NDIS rules. Aligning with the standard of procedures of NDIS, we continue to provide IT support with optimistic strategic and expert guidance.