Wise Choice in Home Care registered as NDIS and Home Care Package provider in 2016, is established to provide high-quality home care services to Australians by specialising in elderly care, home care, disability, NDIS and CDC. Since its formation, they have been providing service in Sydney with a qualified and supportive team with a commitment to provide affordable healthcare based on excellency.

Client: Wise Choice in Home Care

Industry: Health Care

Services: Managed IT Service, Website Management Service, NBN Fiber Internet, Microsoft 365, Cloud Services, IT Security, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Via: www.nswits.com.au


Aged care sector in Australia is undergoing through significant IT reforms, which was indeed initiated by the Aged Care roadmap in 2016. The 2017 year commenced with the advent of CDC (Consumer -Directed Care), which means the institutions needed to re-evaluate to become more competitive and to improve the customer experience to achieve a sustainable consumer-led aged care.

Wise Choice rendered service inside Sydney and Fairfield to more than 20+ clients. It was difficult for the institution to gain control over the multiple locations, manage data, flow the same channel of communication, maintain a digital presence, safeguard their client’s data and network security.

Despite looking out for the expansion approach, the aged care vehemently struggled on the technological upfront. With minimum IT knowledge and no proper guidance, the existing components of the organization got scattered, inviting security threats.

As aged care, it was vital for them to excel in IT for routine operation of the organisation, improving processes, and boosting productivity. The enrollment of new clients, the management of existing clients, required a unified IT system. The challenge for Wise Choice in Home Care was to improve its existing IT system and grow the expand their enterprise by managing their data with reliable IT operations.

When Wise Choice connected with us, our challenge was to provide them with seamless managed IT service for the aged care and IT support.


NSW IT Support Team assisted the aged care in incorporating the needed Managed IT Support, VoIP communication, secure data & networking support, help desk service, and on website development & management services.

With the long-standing experience in aged care, we understand the need for security across the care continuum. We assisted the senior care in,

  • Identify and resolve security & networking gaps
  • Manage IT hardware, software for safe data gathering
  • Implement best IT practices and solutions that allowed the care teams to work more smartly and safely.
  • Provide proactively, managed IT service, to keep the data and network security over the long-term.
  • Build a website for aged care and perform SEO to rank high in search engines.


By coordinating with the internal staff, we were successful in building a secure network platform, migrate data to the cloud channels, set up a cost-effective VoIP communication, deploy speedy internet and rank the Wise Choice in Home Care in more than ten keywords in the first page of search engine which resulted in,

  • Reduction in operational expense
  • Visibility in Search Engines
  • Addition of new clients
  • Unified communication
  • Secure data storage
  • User-friendly & device friendly website
  • Minimisation of data & security threats

To date, Wise Choice continues to work with us. We understand the hazards of the aged care to stay focused on their institutional objectives. Hence, we continue to provide IT service to senior care with strategic and expert guidance.