Registered as RTO, Southern Academy of Business and Technology (SABT) objective is to provide industry-specific up to date training and learning material to all the students and become the top choice for quality training and education within the industry. The Academy resides in two significant locations of Australia: Sydney and Adelaide with a friendly and supportive team as a whole.

Client: Southern Academy of Business and Technology (SABT)

Industry: Education 

Services: Managed IT Services, Server Setup, Student IT Lab, Telephony System, High Speed Fibre Internet, Cloud Wifi, Microsoft 365 for Education. 

Via: www.nswits.com.au


As we are in a knowledge-based industry that is very IT-dependent, it was a task for SABT to overcome small and considerable IT issues in their IT Infrastructure. SABT was dealing with an IT company previously where they were experiencing a drop to a point where they could no longer sustain the level of productivity required.

As an institute, it was vital for them to excel in IT for the easy running of an organisation & for students, improving the business operations and boosting productivity. The enrolment of new students, management of existing students, setting up cyber labs and maintaining with alumnus, required a unified IT system. The challenge for them was to overcome their existing condition and grow while managing their data with reliable IT operations.

To understand, the complexity of the business is an initial task. When SABT contacted us, our challenge was to provide them with seamless IT support and consultation.


NSW IT Support Team incorporated all the managed IT support, Setup servers, communication channels as VoIP, Camera controls, configured Internet lines and built their computer labs for students and their services. All the processes were done to alleviate daily IT issues and moderate IT expenses.

Along with procurement, there was a continuous 24*7 technical support provided to combat any IT affair. We offer both onsite and remote support services for a flawless experience. With our tech-savvy consultants, we assured to transform the business thinking ability to drive growth and enhance business productivity.


By the support of their internal staff, we were able to migrate all the data and delicate information safely onto the new networks and aligned successfully with all the computers. Till date, SABT continues to work with NSW IT Support to ease their duties so that they can work on their actual business. All the below mentioned are the gains that SABT was able to achieve.

  • Economies of scale
  • Mass customisation
  • Competitive edge
  • Better communication
  • Cyber secured
  • Innovative way outs
  • Substantial cost cut
  • Progressive work
  • Integration with offshore offices

We thoroughly understand that it is significant for SABT being an RTO to provide better services to their students and create a lasting experience for them. Resolving IT issues would be the last thing that they’ll want to perform. Here, NSW IT Support positions itself with their smart technology expertise and best strategic integration.